Department of Kinesiology

Ad Hoc Instructor Recruitment Guidelines

The Department of Kinesiology is responsible for establishing policies and procedures related to course offerings within its Department codes (HUM KIN and SPT&REC). We view our role in the administration and delivery of undergraduate and graduate courses as critical in maintaining academic integrity. We therefore believe in hiring instructors with strong academic preparation. However, some non-traditional courses may require a different kind of preparation. For these courses the most appropriate instructors may be those who have refined their knowledge through years of practical experience and specialized skills. In such cases, we offer these individuals the opportunity to instruct at the undergraduate level. As always, we continue to monitor our courses and instructors and strive to maintain rigorous standards of academic quality and integrity.

The Department has established the following policy to guide in the recruitment of ad hoc instructors.

  1. Ad hoc instructors who teach at the graduate level must possess a Ph.D. Consideration will be given to graduate students who have completed course work and are "ABD".
  2. Ad hoc instructors who teach courses that are specific requirements within a degree or certificate program must possess a Master's degree. Consideration will be given to instructors who have completed appropriate training and have established expertise within the given area.
  3. Ad hoc instructors who teach at the undergraduate level must meet two of the following requirements for each class assignment:
    • Possess a post-high school degree (i.e., Associate, Bachelor).
    • Possess relevant certification in the "specialized area of desired employment" (hereafter "area of expertise") (e.g., Certified Aerobics Instructor for Aerobic Dance Course). When no officially recognized certification program exists, document a level of expertise through a combination of educational experiences (i.e. courses), years as participant, skill level achieved (i.e., black belt), years as instructor/coach or assistant, and/or other pertinent life experiences.
    • Document 3-5 years of experience as a teacher/instructor or coach in the area of expertise.

Individuals currently enrolled at UWM as undergraduate students will be considered for positions as ad hoc instructors provided they meet the criteria listed above (Number 3) and,

  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.00, and
  • Have completed a minimum of 87 credits (senior status).


Applicants should provide a complete resume documenting the instructor's skills, certifications, and experiences. Names of three references, including contact information, should also be submitted.

Additional Requirements of Instructors:

If instructors will be teaching off-campus courses that have a "physical activity" component, they are required to hold current First Aid and CPR certification.