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CIE 10 Year Report 2000-2010

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New publication in the New Directions in International Studies Book Series edited by Patrice Petro: War Culture and the Contest of Images 

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Center for International Education

CIE is committed to developing, promoting and sustaining exciting international education initiatives for UWM, Wisconsin and the nation. As a comprehensive international programs office, CIE connects domestic and international students and scholars with on-campus and overseas research and learning opportunities while expanding public access to UWM's international resources.

CIE is home to one of the country's most innovative interdisciplinary programs, the pre-professional BA in Global Studies. Globalization studies provides an intellectual framework uniting UWM faculty and students from across the campus in scholarship and learning focusing on critical transnational issues that shape today's world.

Coming Events

Aug 28 Asian Film Series
Sep 04 CIE Study Abroad Fair
Sep 04 Asian Film Series
Sep 11 Asian Film Series
Sep 18 Asian Film Series
Sep 25 Asian Film Series
Oct 02 Asian Film Series
Oct 09 Asian Film Series
Oct 16 Asian Film Series
Oct 23 Asian Film Series