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Scholarship Profiles

2015-16 Klotsche Scholarship Recipients

Madeline Brancel

I am honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Roberta and J. Martin Klotsche Scholarship for the 2015-2016 Academic Year. I plan to serve as an ambassador for the Klotsche Scholarship by promoting peaceful international relations while studying abroad in Maputo, Mozambique for the fall semester of 2015. As a Global Studies: Security major with a minor in Portuguese, I will adhere to the vision of the scholarship by furthering my studies in Portuguese while simultaneously working toward a career as a Public Diplomacy Officer for the US Department of State. Receiving this scholarship has further enhanced my gratitude for the wonderful opportunities made available by the Center for International Education and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Wendy Dunanway

Being awarded the Roberta and J. Martin Klotsche Scholarship is a great honor and I am grateful to be named a recipient. I am currently a Critical Care Paramedic and am working on my undergraduate degree in International Studies: World Cultures and Languages. Someday I hope to meld these two together and teach paramedic in countries working to develop their emergency healthcare systems. Receiving this scholarship will assist me in reaching that goal and further the dream of the Klotsche family in promoting international relations and education.


Patrick McCue


2014-15 Klotsche Scholarship Recipients

Eriberto Gonzalez-Cibrian

Stephanie Davidson

Anna Jeffries


2013-14 Klotsche Scholarship Recipients

Matt Beil

Paul Nessman

As a recipient of the Roberta and J. Martin Klotsche Scholarship in International and Global Studies, I feel not only a sense of honor and gratitude, but I also feel an even deeper passion to carry on the enduring commitment to international understanding and peace of the late UWM Chancellor J. Martin Klotsche and his wife, Roberta. I will take a moment to celebrate this scholarly achievement, but my greater interest is in continuing the process of learning and in taking advantage of the abundant resources made available to me by UWM in my goal of making a significant contribution to international understanding and peace in the future.


Kelly Ostrenga





2013-2014 Peace Studies Scholarship Recipients

Christian Boyer





Holiday Burke

Larry Davis

John Crawford

I am both honored and grateful to be selected as a recipient of the Sylvia Stoeckle Droppers Scholarship as part of the Peace Studies Program. The funding will assist me as I participate in the Political Science department’s United Nations Summer Seminar held in NYC. My studies at UWM include double majors in Global Studies (Security track) and Spanish as well as minors in Japanese and Political Science. Additionally, I will receive certificates in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Asian Studies, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Upon graduation I will attend law school to one day specialize in international and comparative law. My ultimate career goal is to work for the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer. My desire is to bring patience and understanding to the table when addressing threats to peace.

Brian Neufuss

I am very grateful and honored to have been selected for the Peace Studies Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year. I am an International Studies and Political Science student and I will be graduating in May of 2014. It’s not a requirement to study abroad with International Studies but I will be studying Global Public Health in Morocco this summer and I will be using the funds received towards that program. After graduation, my hope is to work in international affairs or economic development within the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer

James Peranteau

I am extremely honored to have received the Stoeckle Droppers Scholarship as part of the Peace Studies Program. I intend to use this scholarship to help with my tuition costs in my last year as an undergraduate here at UWM. I am double majoring in French and International Studies, as well as completing the Certificate for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. I hope to use my knowledge and skills in the future to promote peacebuilding by working as a career Foreign Service Officer. In regards to armed military conflicts between two sovereign states, I see no better preventative method than to encourage cultural exchange, discussion, and mediation between the two bilateral parties. In order to facilitate this, one must have skills in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, which is why I chose to take on this certificate. I am also happy, because with the additional financial support, I will be able to work fewer hours per week at my job and focus more on academics.

Kirsten Polley

I am thankful and honored to receive the Peace Studies Scholarship. I am an International Studies, Political Science double major, with a History minor Student who is also working towards a Peace Studies Certificate. I will be using this funding to help pay for a semester of Study Abroad to Sciences Po Menton, in France this fall. I hope to be able to explore the french culture and see other parts of Europe. This experience will be invaluable as I plan to apply to work at the State Department after graduation in May.

Alexandria Sedar

I am extremely grateful for the honor of being one of the 2013-2014 Peace Studies Scholarship recipients. The funds from the scholarship will help fund my study abroad in Latin America during the Spring 2014 semester, a requirement for my Global Studies: Security degree. During this semester abroad I plan to not only improve my language skills, but deepen my understanding of Latin American culture. Shortly after my study abroad I plan on completing an internship creating and implementing community development programs focused on healthcare and conflict resolution. This internship will fulfill the requirement both for my major and my certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. All of the wonderful opportunities I have been so lucky to have are made possible in large part by this scholarship, the CIE staff and programs, and the education I am receiving here at UWM. I am very excited for my future endeavors and the opportunity I have been given to make a positive impact on the global community.

Sasha Sigel

I am honored to have received the Sylvia Stoeckle Droppers Scholarship. This scholarship will help me pay for my educational expenses next year. My Theatre major and Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution certificate are the center of my life right now, and I am so pleased to further my knowledge every day. I plan to use both of these passions to develop a career in community based theatre, which helps those whose voices have been silenced regain those voices and heal their wounds. I plan to travel to Asia after graduation to start this work, and bring it back to the United States. This scholarship is so appreciated and will be put to wonderful use.