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2012 Middle Eastern & North African Film Series

The film series is presented by the UWM Middle Eastern and North African Studies Certificate Program, Arabic Language Program, and the Center for International Education and made possible through a grant by the U.S. Department of Education.

Documentary Shorts from Iran (followed by a talk back)

UWM Union Theatre

Wednesday, April 25 at 7pm


(Keyvan Azad, Iran in Farsi w/English Subtitles, 36 min, 2009)

This offbeat documentary traces the colorful career of Iranian painter Manouchehr Safarzadeh before, during, and after the Iranian Revolution. It offers an engrossing reflection on the tension between self-expression and censorship. 

All Restrictions End

(Reza Haeri, Iran, in Farsi w/ English Subtitles, 35 min, 2011)

Reflections on Islam and clothing, Iranian cinema, Persian painting and more characterize this thought-provoking artistic documentary. Structured like a collage, it interweaves archival footage from Iranian cinema, imagery from various stylistic epochs in the history of Persian painting, graphics from the period of the Islamic Revolution, and works provided by various artists.

Rain, Once Again

(Maryam Sepehri, Iran, in Farsi w/ Eng st. 30 min, 2011)

Sepehri, a young Iranian photographer, writer and documentary filmmaker, explores the unusual story of an American woman who spent most of her life running a horse farm in the northern part of Iran.

Valentino's Ghost 

Thursday, April 12 at 7pm

(Michael Singh, USA, 93 min, 2011)

Valentino's Ghost depicts a chronological journey through more than a century of images of Muslims, Arabs and Islam in the U.S. media, from the early 20th-century fantasies of romantic sheiks to today's damaging stereotypes as evil fanatics. The film shows how the changing image of Arabs and Muslims has mirrored America's political agenda in the Middle East.



The Human Resources Manager

Wednesday, March 28 at 7pm

(Eran Rilkis, Israel, Germany, France, Romania, in Hebrew, English and Romanian w/ Eng st., 181 min, 2010)

A non-Jewish immigrant is killed in a Jerusalem suicide bombing. Because she has no family in the country, her body should have been claimed by her employer, the city's largest bakery, but for a variety of reasons, some bureaucratic, some personal, this never happened. It's up to the company's human resources manager to make things right.




Thursday, March 15 at 7pm

(Morteza Farshbaf, Iran, in Farsi w/ Eng st., 84 min, 2011)

A road trip through Iran's vast rural spaces achieves an unlikely claustrophobia in this wry black comedy that centers on a boy who ends up in the care of deaf relatives after his parents are killed in a car accident.

Mourning is co-presented by the Global Film Initiative and is part of the Global Lens 2012 film series. For more information, visit


Bab'Aziz - The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul

 Wednesday, February 22 at 7pm

(Nacer Khemir, Tunisia, in Arabic and Farsi w/ Eng st., 96 min, 2006)

A blind dervish and his granddaughter wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that takes place just once every thirty years.