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Study Abroad Cultural Insurance Services International

UW-System policy requires that all students who participant in international education programs purchase Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance for accident and health, repatriation, and medical evacuation.

Important information:

CISI Claims

While travelling with your group, it is important to contact CISI immediately following any incident requiring medical care (If you are having trouble contacting CISI yourself, the study abroad office can help).

Seek medical assistance for any incident that you think may require service. CISI will not cover expenses for follow-up medical service in the United States if an incident report was not been started while abroad.

Most hospitals, clinics, and doctors abroad will not accept CISI insurance at the time of service. This means that you (or the sick or injured student) will have to pay for the medical care, then later submit a CISI medical claim form for reimbursement (medical service fees are NOT the responsibility of UWM or the study abroad office). It is thus very important that you collect and safeguard all medical service receipts.