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Faculty Travel Expense Report

Following your return to Milwaukee, stop by the study abroad office as soon as you are able to turn in your Travel Expense Report receipts, which is the accounting of expenditures from your travel advance through receipts. If you don't plan to return to Milwaukee within 30 days of the completion of your program, send (recommended via UPS) all your receipts to, it is also recommended that you make copies as well for yourself should the originals get lost in the mail:

     Center for International Education
     Study Abroad Office
     c/o Financial Specialist
     2513 East Hartford Avenue
     Pearse Hall 156
     Milwaukee, WI 53211

The program receipts will be used to finalize the budget for your program, which often results in the study abroad office processing refunds to participating students.

Travel Expense Reporting Form can be used should you like help organizing your receipts for submission to the study abroad office.