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International Internships for Global Studies Students


Global Studies students have completed their required internships at locations around the world, in a diverse number of fields. Click on the interactive map below to learn more!

















Finding an International Internship

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Letters of Inquiry

7 step Guide to Researching Overseas international internships 


Sample Internship Portfolios:           

Global Communications

Global Management   

Global Security


Beginning January 1, 2015 a $200 course fee will be assessed to each student who enrolls in Global 489 in order to complete the academic component of his/her overseas internship. This course fee defrays a small portion of the expense the Global Studies program incurs in administering Global 489. The fee does not apply to students who enroll in internships for which academic credit is awarded by the internship program provider. Fees will be payable in conjunction with mandatory study abroad administrative fees as specified by the Center for International Education's Study Abroad Office.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact your Global Studies Advisors: Aparna Datey ( or Christine Wolf (


Special note for internships to be completed outside of the U.S.:

If you are arranging your internship independently and seeking academic credit from UWM, you must work through CIE's Study Abroad application process to obtain pre-departure orientation and advising and obtain mandatory UW System health insurance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Aparna Datey, Center for International Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, (414) 229-3042 or

All education abroad experiences, including but not limited to study abroad, internships, and research, for which a student will receive UWM academic credit and/or funding (i.e. scholarship funds, travel grants), are subject to review to by UWM's Travel Safety Advisory Committee (ITSC). Students should begin their planning by personally checking the State Department Travel Warnings/Alerts ( and consulting with their academic advisor and staff in the Center for International Education Overseas Programs Office (Pearse 166; The planning process must allow for at least one month for this review, if such review is deemed necessary. Note that locations subject to review are not limited to those under the State Department Warnings; there may be additional locations that require review and approval by the ITSC.