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Non-UWM Study Abroad Programs: Information for Returned Students

What to do Upon Return

First, change your address as soon as you return so that you begin receiving your mail from UWM directly.

Next, make an appointment with your study abroad advisor to review your overseas program. Once the study abroad office has received your transcript, we can determine how the credit has transferred back to UWM. Unless you have a pre-approval form on file, all the courses will transfer as elective credit. If you want a specific UWM course equivalent, you will then take your detailed academic information (syllabi, reading list, etc.) to the department chair (or designated undergraduate faculty advisor) of each academic department in which you took courses while overseas. After the department has evaluated the credit and if it agrees the credit is equivalent to a UWM course, a faculty advisor can give final approval and equivalency to the UWM course. The study abroad office will assist you with this process, but much of the legwork and meeting with the departments will be your responsibility.

Finally, be sure to ask how you can continue your international experience once you return to UWM! The study abroad office library has lots of information on work abroad, travel, volunteering overseas, and other international study programs. Take advantage of your new skills, and apply them to your interests.

UWM Course Registration

You have two options for registering for UWM classes to take after your study abroad experience:

  1. Register online using PAWS while abroad. Ask your academic advisor about how this would work for you. Talking with your academic advisor before you leave about the courses you need to graduate will help you to have a well-organized list of classes to choose from while you are overseas.
  2. Wait to register for classes until your return. Please be advised that this option may mean that you miss the priority registration period, making it more difficult for you to receive the classes you need.