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Faculty and Staff

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) offers comprehensive insurance coverage for international travelers, to include accident and health, medical evacuation and repatriation.  CISI insurance is meant to supplement, not replace, travelers' regular insurance plans.  It is NOT travel insurance, so cannot be used to cover the cost of cancelled travel, lost luggage, and the like.

Purchasing CISI insurance is not required but strongly encouraged for the following individuals:

  • UWM faculty and assistants who conduct UWM research abroad;
  • UWM faculty and staff attending international conferences;
  • UWM faculty and staff conducting sponsored site visits abroad; and
  • UWM faculty and staff serving as part of an official UWM delegation abroad.


CISI international health insurance is a special plan developed for students on UW-System university study abroad and exchange programs. UWM faculty and staff on official university business abroad also qualify for coverage.  For others, CIE determines eligibility on a case-by-case basis.  Others may include:  NCAA and club sport athletes; band and student organization members; non-credit educational tour participants sponsored through continuing education; Fulbright and other grant-funded group projects. CISI insurance cards, information, and processing of insurance can not be done same day, a minumum of a week prior to departure or a consulate visit is required.  Please plan accordingly.  If a request is made within 5 business days of prior to departure an additional $15 processing fee with be charged.

If you are unsure about your eligibility you should email the study abroad office at with the information indicated below no later than two weeks before your scheduled international travel.

  • Travel dates
  • Destination/s (include day-to-day itinerary, if available)
  • Purpose of trip
  • Relationship to UWM

Following receipt of eligibility applications, CIE, in consultation with UWM's Legal Affairs and Risk Management offices, reviews applications to determine eligibility.  Review criteria include:

  • the endeavor's alignment with UWM's mission;
  • its potential benefit and whether the university is able to ensure adherence to legal and risk management principles; and
  • whether an agent of the university is associated with the group as an advisor.

Following review, CIE will contact applicants with an eligibility decision.  Qualifying applicants will then be asked to provide the personal information to be used in purchasing individual CISI policies.  CIE eligibility decisions are final and may not be appealed.


The charge for CISI international health insurance is $50 for the first month of coverage, plus $35 for any additional months of coverage. 


To purchase CISI international health insurance, complete and submit this form to the Study Abroad Office via email ( no later than one week before your scheduled international travel or deadline for applying for a travel visa.  Payment can be made via personal check (made payable to "UWM") or via UWM account transfer.


Medical facilities around the world are typically quite good. U.S. medical insurance, like CISI, is often not always accepted at the time of service, however.  This means that doctors and hospitals often expect cash or credit card payment. It is important therefore to save all receipts related to any medical service, then submit them along with a CISI claim for payment after returning to the United States.

Coverage for Dependents

CISI international health insurance now allows coverage for dependents of participants of faculty/ staff abroad on university business. The CIE study abroad office is not responsible for enrolling dependents. Below is a fillable PDF named "UW Dependent Enrollment Form" for those interested in enrolling their dependents through CISI. Simply complete this form which the following information for dependent(s); full name(s), date of birth(s), coverage dates, and credit card information.  Then e-mail that directly form directly to: Within two weeks of receipt of the emailed document, CISI will process the dependent enrollment, charging the premiums to the participant or faculty/staff credit card and personalized materials for the dependents are sent back to the e-mail address provided. Please note that dependent insurance dates can be shorter than but can not exceed participant insurance dates. 


Questions?  Contact the Study Abroad Office: 414/229-5182  |