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Carolyn J. Eichner

Carolyn J. Eichner is an Associate Professor of History and Women’s Studies. Her interests focus on feminism, women, gender, and radical politics in nineteenth-century France and its empire. Eichner’s first book, Surmounting the Barricades: Women in the Paris Commune (Indiana University Press, 2004), examined feminist activism and its wide-ranging influences during and after France’s 1871 revolutionary civil war. Her current book project, Feminists Race the Empire: Gender Takes on Imperial France, investigates late nineteenth-century feminist perspectives on empire, looking specifically at the intersections of race, gender, capitalism, and religion. Eichner’s other research includes The Name: Legitimacy, Identity, and Gendered Citizenship in France, a historical analysis of the political, social, and cultural evolution of state and customary naming restrictions and the ways in which individuals and groups navigated these regulations.