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Global Studies Core Curriculum

All Global Studies degree students fulfill the following requirements:

1. Three Global Studies Core Courses (9 credits)

  • Global 101: People and Politics - Explores globalization as part of a longer historical process of transformations, analyzing the political, economic, social, historical, and cultural patterns that define the modern world

  • Global 201: Economics and the Environment - Explores the relationships between the world economy and natural and built environments in the context of globalization

  • Global 202: Globalization and Information Technology - Traces the development and effects of information/communication technologies as phenomena of globalization


2. Equivalent of eight semesters of foreign language coursework


3. Equivalent of one semester of study abroad (12 credits)


4. An overseas internship (3 credits)


5. One of three World Regions courses (3 credits)

  • Geography 110: The World-Peoples and Regions

  • History 132: World History Since 1500

  • Political Science 106: Politics of the World's Nations


6. Specialized courses for each Global Studies tracks.

For more detailed information on Global Studies courses, please reference the course syllabi.