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Major Conferences

CIE supports scholarly conferences, symposia, lectures and publications that showcase UWM faculty members' expertise and enhance student learning while connecting UWM scholars with colleagues from around the world.

CIE Annual Conferences consider the causes and effects of globalization from diverse disciplinary perspectives.  Proceedings have been published in the New Directions in International Studies series of Rutgers University Press.


  • CIE Annual Conference 2015: Translation, April 24-25, 2015
  • CIE Annual Conference 2013: Peace, April 25-26, 2013
  • CIE Annual Conference 2009: Sustaining Cities: Urban Lost and Found, April 17-18, 2009
  • CIE Annual Conference 2008: World Making: Art and Politics in Global Media, April 18-19, 2008
  • CIE Annual Conference 2006: Constant Capture: Visibility, Civil Liberties, and Global Security, April 21-22, 2006