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La Folie Almayer (Almayer's Folly)

La Folie Almayer (Almayer's Folly)

Saturday, February 15, 4PM (Followed by a talkback)
Sunday, February 16, 9PM

La Folie Almayer (Almayer's Folly)Synopsis:

Dubbed "hypnotic and fascinating" by the Village Voice, Chantal Akerman's adaptation of Joseph Conrad's first novel tells the story of Kasper Almayer, a Dutch trader in Malaysia. Set in a small village trading post on a wide and turbulent river, the conflict between Almayer and his mixed-race daughter plays out against a landscape indelibly marked by the remnants of European colonialism.

Chantal Akerman, Blu-ray, 127min, France, 2012 (French, English, Khmer)

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