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Global Student Alliance

The Global Student Alliance (GSA) is a student run organization designed to involve globally minded students on campus with cultural activities and to promote global awareness. Programs are available for all students, both international and American, that are interested in making intercultural connections, and is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and societies from around the world.

GSA's goals are four-fold: to increase and institutionalize the involvement of international students at UWM and in our communitues; provide international students with a more complete view of U.S. culture and society apart from their programs of study; increase global awareness and promote international education among school-age students and the Milwaukee community at large; and to create local opportunities for intercultural interaction between UW-Milwaukee students and the Milwaukee community.

GSA reaches these goals through various programs and events held every semester both on and off campus, along with fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities for students to take part in. These programs and events include:


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Global Student Alliance please contact