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Financial Assistance

Currently, there are no sources of financial aid (including tuition remissions) available for undergraduate students and a limited number of assistantships and awards for graduate students.  Please review the following information carefully.


Undergraduate Assistance

Scholarship Information


Graduate Assistance

Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships

The process of awarding financial support proceeds separately from the admissions process.  Admission to a graduate program does not guarantee financial support; an offer of financial support does not guarantee admission.  There are three basic sources of support:

The Graduate Recruitment and Fellowship Office for graduate fellowship support.
The Financial Aid Office for loans and work-study.(If you require a visa to study at UWM, you are not eligible for loans or work-study.)
Your proposed graduate program for assistantships.

If you wish to apply for financial support, you must contact these offices directly:

Graduate Recruitment and Fellowship Office Mitchell Hall, Room 261

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Graduate Fellowships
P.O. Box 340
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0340 (USA)

UWM fellowship competitions begin in the Fall for the following academic year.

UWM Financial Aid Office Mellencamp Hall, Room 168

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Financial Aid
P.O. Box 469
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0469 (USA)

Eligibility for the financial aid programs administered through the Financial Aid office is limited to US citizens and permanent residents.

Your proposed graduate program may have teaching, research or program assistantships or other forms of assistance available to help support students.  Each program has its own application process for these awards.  You must contact the program office directly.

Outside Assistance

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