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Dependents for visa purposes are defined as a spouse or unmarried children under the age of 21. 

Dependents of students holding an F-1 visa can apply for a F-2 visa.  Dependents may travel independently of their spouse or parent and have their own I-20 documents. 

F-2 visa holders are not permitted to enroll in academic programs other than primary or secondary education.  F-2 visa holders interested in pursuing a degree should apply to a degree program and then speak with an immigration coordinator about changing their status.  F-2 visa holders may not begin their studies at an institution of higher education until a change of status to F-1 has been approved.

Request for F-1 Dependents


Dependents for visa purposes are spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21.  Dependents of J-1s hold J-2 visa status and can apply for a visa and travel independently from the J-1 visa holder. 

J-2 dependents are permitted to study full-time and may apply to immigration for employment authorization.  However, when applying for employment authorization the J-2 dependent must demonstrate that the employment authorization is for the purpose of cultural and/or professional enrichment, NOT for financial purposes.  The J-1 visa holder must have sufficient funds to support the J-2 visa holder and J-2 requests for employment authorization may not be the result of financial need.

Request for J-1 Dependents

J-2 Work Authorization