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Great Decisions
In cooperation with the Foreign Policy Association of New York, an exciting dialogue taking place all over the country throughout February and March.
George F. Kennan Distinguished Lecture Series
Major annual world affairs event. A panel of international known experts address the most important current world issues.
Fall Programming
Speakers from both within and outside Wisconsin's global community address international issues and engage participants.
Membership Programs
Join the Institute of World Affairs and you can have access to a variety of membership programs.
International Focus
The Institute's weekly TV program on Channel 36 on Sundays at 5:00pm
Model UN
An annual two-day conference for high school students simulating issues discussed at the United Nations during General Assembly meetings.
Global Studies Summer Institute
A three-day program for K-12 educators focused on contemporary global issues and their practical applications for the classroom.
Past Events
An archive of events that the Institute of World Affairs has sponsored in the past.