General International Development Resources

    1. International Development Research Center
      The International Development Research Centre is a public corporation created by the Canadian government to help communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research.
    2. Kofi Annan's Astonishing Facts!
      Every year, the United Nations Human Development Report looks for a new way to measure the lives of people. Putting aside faceless statistics like per capita gross domestic product or export-import figures, the report burrows into the facts about what children eat, who goes to school, whether there is clean water to drink, how women share in the economy or who doesn't get vaccinations against diseases that go on killing even though they are preventable. This year, the report takes its first look at what people have--from simple toilets to family cars--and what proportion of the world's goods and services are consumed, comparatively, by the rich and by the poor. The pie is huge--the world's consumption bill is $24 trillion a year--but some servings are very small indeed.
    3. OXFAM-America
      Oxfam America is dedicated to creating lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and social injustice through long-term partnerships with poor communities around the world. As a privately funded organization, we can speak with conviction and integrity as we challenge the structural barriers that foster conflict and human suffering and limit people from gaining the skills, resources and power to become self-sufficient.
    4. The Organization of American States
      The Organization of American States web site provides information about many aspects of development in the Americas. This is a great resource.
    5. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
      The UNICEF web site offers links to a large variety of information and resources concerning children worldwide. Access current and past issues of The Progress of Nations, The State of the World's Children, as well as information specifically for teachers and students.
    6. The United Nations Development Programme
      The mission of the United Nations Development Program is to help countries in their efforts to achieve sustainable human development by assisting them to build their capacity to design and carry out development programmes in poverty eradication, employment creation and sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women and the protection and regeneration of the environment, giving first priority to poverty eradication.
    7. The United Nations Resource Guide
      Developed by the University of Wisconsin Joint Center for International Studies, the United Nations Resource Guide is a great resource for information related to the UN. The UN Resource Guide is organized into four different sections including: General UN Resources, Teaching About the UN, UN Agencies, and A Subject Guide to the United Nations. Hard copies of the guide are also available.
    8. The World Bank Group: A World Free of Poverty
      This web site features a wealth of information about international development and the efforts of the World Bank to establish a world free of Poverty. Browse links to current news stories related to development as well as links to country and regional information and statistics. This site also offers an excellent collection of resources for teachers and students.
    9. UNDP Poverty Home Page
      The UNDP Poverty Home Page offers excellent information and resources related to poverty and development. This site also offers links to other resources and information about the UNDP Poverty Report entitled "Overcoming Human Poverty."
    10. United Nations Economic and Social Development Web Site
      The UN Economic and Social Development web site features links to issues related to international development including the environment, population, human rights, sustainable development, statistics, and women's issues among others. This is an excellent site.
    11. United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
      The role of UNESCO is to contribute to peace and security in the world by promoting collaboration among nations through education, science, culture and communication in order to further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world by the Charter of the United Nations.
    12. WomenWatch
      WomenWatch is the UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women. The WomenWatch web site offers information about the status of women worldwide. A good resource for learning more about women and development.
    13. World Wide Web Virtual Library: International Development Cooperation
      The purpose of this site is to provide an index of resources and links related to aid, trade, economy, humanity, research, international relations, health, women's development, nutrition, education, ecology, demography, human rights, and development policy.
    14. World Wide Web Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations
      This site is part of the WWW Virtual Library System. It features a large collection of links dealing with issues of migration and ethnicity.
    15. World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development
      This site offers thousands of links to information about sustainable development. Visit links to organisations, projects and activities, electronic journals, libraries, references and documents, databases, and directories.