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  1. Economics
    1. Global Economics (NY Times)
      The Learning Network has developed lesson plan units that use recent New York Times articles as springboards for examining important curricular topics in interesting and exciting ways. This resource combines a series of lesson plans that explore issues related to global economics.
    2. Global Exchange
      Global Exchange is a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world. Since its founding in 1988, Global Exchange has been committed to increasing global awareness among the U.S. public, while building international partnerships around the world. They offer a more critical view of the forces and results of globalization.
    3. Kofi Annan's Astonishing Facts (NY Times)
      Every year, the United Nations Human Development Report looks for a new way to measure the lives of people. Putting aside faceless statistics like per capita gross domestic product or export-import figures, the report burrows into the facts about what children eat, who goes to school, whether there is clean water to drink, how women share in the economy or who doesn't get vaccinations against diseases that go on killing even though they are preventable. This year, the report takes its first look at what people have--from simple toilets to family cars--and what proportion of the world's goods and services are consumed, comparatively, by the rich and by the poor. The pie is huge--the world's consumption bill is $24 trillion a year--but some servings are very small indeed.
    4. The Global Sullivan Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility
      Developed by the Rev. Leon Sullivan, the Global Sullivan Principles of Corporation Social Responsibility seek to establish a set of standards for businesses that encourage adherence to basic principles that support human rights, dignity, peace, and justice for all people.
    5. The UN Global Compact
      The Global Compact is not a regulatory instrument or code of conduct, but a value-based platform designed to promote institutional learning. It utilizes the power of transparency and dialogue to identify and disseminate good practices based on universal principles, and it asks companies to act on these principles in their own corporate domains. This is the official site of the UN Global Compact.
    6. World Economic Forum
      This is the official site of the World Economic Forum. It offers information about the members and goals of the organization. It represents a relatively pro-business point of view.
  2. International Organizations
    1. Corporate Watch
      CorpWatch is a watchdog organization that monitors and reports information about the actions of corporations around the world in an attempt to increase accountability. The coordinate a number of campaigns including The Alliance for a Corporate-Free United Nations.
    2. G-20.0rg
      Created in 1999, the G-20 is comprised of finance ministers and central bank governors from 19 countries, the European Union, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank. In general, the G-20 strives to promote discussion, study, and review of policy issues among industrialized countries and emerging markets with a view to promoting international financial stability.
    3. International Monitary Fund (IMF)
      This is the official site of the International Monitary Fund. It offers information about the work of the IMF, updated information about member states, and links to publications and resources related to international economic development and finance.
    4. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
      The OECD is an organization of 30 countries commitment to democratic government and the market economy. In addition, OECD maintains active relationships with other countries, NGOs, and civil society. The OECD web site offers publications and access to statistics related to economic and social issues including the environment, education, development, social policy, and science and technology.
    5. The G-8 Information Centre (University of Toronto)
      Sponsored by the University of Toronto, the G-8 Information Center is a clearinghouse for information and scholarship related to the countries that comprise the G-8 (i.e. Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
    6. The Genoa G-8 Summit (Official Site)
      Representatives and heads of state from the seven main industrialized democracies and the European Union, also known as the G-8, conducted their first summit of the new millenium in Genoa, Italy in July 2001. Visit the official G-8 site to learn more about what happened in the meetings.
    7. The Globalization of Ben and Jerry's
      This article appeared in the April 2000 bi-weekly column written by Donella Meadows, which is called Global Citizen.
    8. World Bank Group
      The World Bank Group web site features a wealth of information about international development and the efforts of the World Bank to establish a world free of Poverty. Browse links to current news stories related to development as well as links to country and regional information and statistics. This site also offers an excellent collection of resources for teachers and students.
    9. World Trade Organization(WTO)
      This is the official site of the World Trade Organization. It features information about the work of the WTO around the world. It also features a section entitled 10 Common Misunderstandings about the WTO, which offers the WTO perspective concerning their role in the global economy.
  3. Non Goverenmental Organizations
    1. 50 Years Is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice
      The 50 Years is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice is a coalition of over 200 U.S. grassroots, women's, solidarity, faith-based, policy, social - and economic- justice, youth, labor and development organizations dedicated to the profound transformation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This site offers information about various campaigns and programs.
    2. Business for Social Responsibility
      Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a membership organization for companies seeking to sustain their commercial success in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, people, communities, and the environment.
    3. Globalization: Human Rights in Trade and Investment (PDHRE)
      This site, which is part of the People's Decade for Human Rights Education, provides background information concerning issues of globalization and human rights.
    4. Human Rights and Corporations
      Human Rights Watch hosts this site dedicated to news releases, global campaigns, and resources focusing on international human rights and corporations.
    5. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
      The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development was created in 1996 to contribute to a better understanding of development and environment concerns in the context of international trade. As an independent non-profit and non-governmental organisation, ICTSD engages a broad range of actors in ongoing dialogue about trade and sustainable development. With a wide network of governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental partners, ICTSD plays a unique systemic role as a provider of original, non-partisan reporting and facilitation services at the intersection of international trade and sustainable development.
    6. International Right To Know Campaign
      This site asks, "Do you know how U.S. corporations are treating the environment and people around the world?" The answer is..."You have the right to know!" The International Right To Know Campaign serves as a watchdog organization that keeps an eye on U.S. corporations abroad.
    7. The Institute for Policy Studies
      The Institute for Policy Studies is a progressive think-tank in Washington, D.C. that focuses its agenda on three core themes: Peace and Security, the Global Economy, and Paths to the 21st Century. In addition, the IPS web site provides links to information about specific issues including human rights, sustainable development, and U.S. Foreign Policy among others.
    8. Third World Network
      The Third World Network is an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South issues. The TWN web site provides links to articles and information that focus on issues including: trade, development, gender equality, human rights, health, among others.
  4. The Americas
    1. Free Trade Area of the Americas
      This site offers information related to the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas. It features links to the text of the FTAA draft agreement, an overview of the FTAA process, and links to all of the countries involved.
    2. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
      This site, which is administered by the Foreign Trade Information System of the Organization of American States, offers the full text of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in hypertext.
    3. Organization of American States
      The Organization of American States, or OAS, is an intergovernmental organization that represents the countries of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Hemispheric leaders meet regularly to discuss policy that impacts the member countries from Canada to Chile.
  5. Debt Collection
    1. Jubilee 2000 (BBC News)
      Keep up-to-date concerning the worldwide movement to cancel the debt of poorest nations. This site provides a gateway to the international campaign for debt cancellation.
    2. The Burden of Debt (BBC News)
      The BBC developed this web site as an online guide to the issue of debt cancellation. It is intended to provide access to information about the worldwide movement pushing for debt relief for the poorest countries, and the responses from the main industrialized countries including the UK and the US.


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