2001 Global Studies Summer Institute

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Developed by Alex Dye

Understanding the Face of Globalization: Resources

  1. Globalization Lesson Plans
    1. Global Economics
      The Learning Network has developed lesson plan units that use recent New York Times articles as springboards for examining important curricular topics in interesting and exciting ways. This resource combines a series of lesson plans that explore issues related to global economics.
  2. News Clearinghouses
    1. AJR Newslink
      The American Journalism Review hosts this portal site that offers links to online versions of newspapers from countries around the world. Click on "newspapers" in the upper left hand corner, and follow the links to the continent and country that interests you.
    2. Kiosk: Journal of Geo-Politics
      A unique and innovative collection of online newspapers and other resources related to the political world. Using the drop-down menus, you can access the news in any country you like simply by selecting a region and clicking on the country or state name. A free resource published bi-weekly by Fowler's Internet Library. Boasts a current annual readership of over a million.
      Developed by Web Wombat, this metasite claims to index 10,000 online newspapers worldwide. It is organized by geographic area, nation, and state/province. A valuable resource.
  3. International News Sources
    1. ABC News

    2. CNN

    3. Le Monde

    4. Reuters News Service

    5. The Brookings Institution

    6. The Christian Science Monitor

    7. The Economist

    8. The International Herald Tribune

    9. The New York Times

    10. The United Nations Foundation

    11. The Washington Post

    12. The Wire: News From the Associated Press

  4. Radio
    1. Common Ground Radio
      Common Ground is a weekly radio series produced by the Stanley Foundation. Since 1980 Common Ground has been covering world affairs and the people who shape events. Programs feature analysis and discussion of a variety of issues of international importance including regions and countries in conflict, the United Nations, etc. Visit the Common Ground web site for a list of National Public Radio stations that broadcast Common Ground or listen to weekly broadcasts online. Free program transcripts are available online.
  5. Research Tools
    1. Atlapedia Online
      Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
    2. CIA World Factbook
      The World Factbook is prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency for use by US Government officials. Resources included in the World Factbook can be reproduced without the permission of the CIA. A great resource for country-specific information including maps, statistics, and profiles. Visit the CIA Publications and Handbooks web site for information about other resources available from the Central Intelligence Agency.
    3. Interactive UN Organizational Chart
      This online interactive organizational chart of the United Nations is a great place to begin UN-related research. It gives users an overview of the structure of the UN, and users can simply click on the unit in which they are interested. Print an Adobe Acrobat .pdf version for your students.
    4. Library of Congress
      The Library of Congress provides a number of resources including Thomas, a legislative information service that grants full text access to current bills under consideration in the Congress, as well as a guide to exhibitions, library services and research tools.
  6. Search Engines
    1. AltaVista

    2. Dog Pile

    3. Excite

    4. Go

    5. Google

    6. HotBot

    7. MultiCrawl

    8. Northern Light

    9. Webcrawler

    10. Yahoo


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