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Understanding the Face of Globalization

  1. Globalization
    1. 50 Years is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice
      The 50 Years is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice is a coalition of over 200 U.S. grassroots, women's, solidarity, faith-based, policy, social - and economic- justice, youth, labor and development organizations dedicated to the profound transformation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This site offers information about various campaigns and programs.
    2. A Quick Guide to the World History of Globalization
      Maintained by a member of the History Department at University of Pennsylvania, this site offers some insight into the history of globalization.
    3. is an opinion site that allows Internet users to share their views concerning globalization. The majority of the opinions posted on this site seem to be critical of the forces of globalization, but in general the site offers an opportunity for dialogue and idea sharing.
    4. AdBusters
      AdBusters is an organization that represents an anti-multinational corporation point of view. They coordinate a number of different campaigns that struggle against global corporate domination. This site offers some very interesting perspectives concerning issues related to globalization.
    5. Global Exchange
      Global Exchange is a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world. Since its founding in 1988, Global Exchange has been committed to increasing global awareness among the U.S. public, while building international partnerships around the world. They offer a more critical view of the forces and results of globalization.
    6. Global Policy Forum
      Founded in 1993, the Global Policy Forum strives to monitor global policy making a the United Nations. The GPF web site is a good source of information for issues related to global governance, UN reform, and international justice. This site features a special section dedicated to the issue of globalization.
    7. Globalisation: What on Earth is it About?
      The BBC has compiled an excellent guide to globalization. This site provides important background information in a effort to educate the public concerning the basics of globalization. This is a good place to start.
    8. Globalization (Council on Canadian Unity)
      Hosted by the Council on Canadian Unity, this site offers links to a variety of different topics resources related to globalization including the global economy, human rights, sovereignty, international organizations, population, and much more.
    9. Globalization After the Internet (Georgetown University)
      In addition to covering important issues related to impact of the Internet on globalization, this site offers an interesting summary of several important publications dealing with globalization including Manuel Castells (The Rise of the Network Society), Saskia Sassen (Globalization and its Discontents), Samuel Huntington (The Clash of Civilizations), and Benjamin Barber (Jihad vs. McWorld).
    10. Globalization Studies Home Page
      This site is hosted by Professor Ruud Lubbers who teaches courses on globalization at both Harvard University and Tilburg University in Holland. It features a wealth of information and resources related to globalization. Of particular interest is the Lexicon of Globalization, the Map of Globalization, and a great collection of general resources and links.
    11. Globalization and Its Discontents (
      This site provides an interesting selection of articles and discussions related to globalization and the World Trade Organization. A limited number of links is also available.
    12. Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
      The Mission of Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is to advance the work of progressive organizations and individuals for peace, justice, economic opportunity, human rights, democracy and environmental sustainability through strategic use of online technologies. The IGC web site serves as a portal web site for progressive organizations and activists.
    13. International Forum on Globalization
      The International Forum on Globalization (IFG) is an alliance of sixty leading activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers formed to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization. This site offers a critical look at the forces and entities that shape globalization.
    14. International Right To Know Campaign
      This site asks, "Do you know how U.S. corporations are treating the environment and people around the world?" The answer is..."You have the right to know!" The International Right To Know Campaign serves as a watchdog organization that keeps an eye on U.S. corporations abroad.
    15. Mobilization for Global Justice
      Mobilization for Global Justice is a progressive network that works against economic globalization, and supports debt cancellation for the poorest countries. The Mobilization web site offers a wide array of links and resources for anti-globalization organizations and initiatives.
    16. Globalization Guide has developed a resource guide that looks critically at many aspects of globalization. This site provides a clearinghouse of information and links to articles discussing issues related to globalization.
    17. Public Citizen
      Founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, Public Citizen claims to be the consumer's eyes and ears in Washington. As an organization, Public Citizen fights for safer drugs and medical devices, cleaner and safer energy sources, a cleaner environment, fair trade, and a more open and democratic government. The Public Citizen web site features a section entitled Global Trade Watch that monitors issues related to global trade and a section that follows issues related to the environment.
    18. Special Report: Globalization (The Guardian)
      The Guardian has created this site that provides links to articles and resources related to Globalization. This is a great resource to keep updated concerning the state of the globalization debate.
    19. The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization
      According to the author, Thomas Friedman, "This book is an effort to explain how this new era of globalization became the dominant international system at the end of the twentieth century--replacing the Cold War system--and to examine how it now shapes virtually everyone's domestic politics and international relations." This site offers a unique online extension of Friedman's book. Access audio and video clips, copies of Friedman's NY Times articles, background information about globalization, and much more.
    20. Third World Network
      The Third World Network is an international network of individuals and organizations that are interested in international development issues. This site offers links to a large variety of resources concerning the global economy, the environment, biodiversity, biotechnology, gender issues, health, and security.
    21. World Policy Institute
      The World Policy Institute publishes an online journal that focuses on many issues related to globalization.
    22. WorldWatch Institute
      The Worldwatch Institute is a nonprofit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.


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