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  1. Technology
    1. Digital Divide
      This site, developed by Bob Beck as part of the Foreign Affairs Online web site, features an excellent collection of web sites related to the global digital divide. The Foreign Affairs Online site is also an excellent starting point for internationally-focused research. This site was specifically developed for the 2001 Global Studies Summer Institute entitled, "Understanding the Face of Globalization: Implications for the Classroom and Beyond."
    2. Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide
      Hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this site offers information about digital divide issues in the United States. Users can access an online report entitled "Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide."
    3. Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC)
      The GIIC strives to foster private sector leadership and private-public sector cooperation in the development of information networks and services to advance global economic growth, education, and quality of life. The GIIC web site provides information about their projects, as well as links to other related global digital divide initiatives. GIIC is a project of the Center for Strategic and International Studies
    4. Globalization After the Internet (Georgetown University)
      In addition to covering important issues related to impact of the Internet on globalization, this site offers an interesting summary of several important publications dealing with globalization including Manuel Castells (The Rise of the Network Society), Saskia Sassen (Globalization and its Discontents), Samuel Huntington (The Clash of Civilizations), and Benjamin Barber (Jihad vs. McWorld).
    5. UN Human Development Report 2001 (UNDP)
      Entitled Making New Technologies Work for Human Development, the 2001 United Nations Human Development Report offers an excellent resource related to information and communication technology and international development. Download a free copy of the report from this site.
    6. United Nations Development Programme (ICT Page)
      The UNDP Information and Communications Technology site offers links to the wide array of UNDP programs that address the global digital divide issue.


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