2001 Global Studies Summer Institute

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Developed by Alex Dye
This online Internet resource guide has been developed by the Center for International Education (CIE) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) for participants of the 2001 Global Studies Summer Institute (GSSI). The Global Studies Summer Institute (GSSI) is an annual four-day program intended to provide K-16 educators with an opportunity to learn about and discuss contemporary international issues and practical approaches for integrating these issues into the classroom.

The 2001 GSSI, entitled "Understanding the Face of Globalization: Implications for the Classroom and Beyond," will examine issues including the history and origin of the concept of globalization, ethics and globalization, practical applications for teaching students about globalization, and globalization and its relationship to the international political economy, technology, culture, human rights, and the environment. Based on the themes and topics discussed during the program, this guide features links to sites related globalization. Themes featured in this guide include:

Other CIE Internet Resource Guides related to issues including human rights, international development, peace and conflict, and global studies.


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Developed by Alex Dye