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      1. Action for Aboriginal Rights
        This site provides extensive information about Australian indigenous and aboriginal rights. The link section of this site offers an excellent collection of resources related to indigenous rights issues worldwide.
      2. Amnesty International
        Amnesty International consistently provides valuable information about human rights around the world. Visit the AI Library for information about human rights in specific countries or regions, learn more about current Amnesty International campaigns, or read a copy of the most recent AI Annual Report.
      3. Canadian Human Rights Foundation
        The Canadian Human Rights Foundation is dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights through education, in Canada and around the world.
      4. Center for the Study of Human Rights
        Based at Columbia University, the Center for the Study of Human Rights seeks to promote human rights research and education on a multi-disciplinary basis. This site provides links to other important human rights online resources and information about publications and programs related to human rights issues.
      5. Cultural Survival
        This web site is dedicated to providing current information about human rights and indigenous populations. Cultural Survival includes a list of action alerts and information about various efforts to preserve cultural identity and awareness that are taking place around the world.
      6. DIANA International Human Rights Database
        This site was developed by the University of Cincinnati College of Law in an effort to make human rights resources available on the Internet. There are currently four DIANA web sites in existence at Yale University Law School, The University of Toronto and The University of Minnesota.
      7. Derechos-Human Rights
        Derechos works with human rights organizations in Latin America and the world to bring you accurate and timely information on the human rights situation in their countries, as well as opportunities to help. They also coordinate several human rights mailing lists and publish an internet human rights journal.
      8. Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet (AAAS)
        This site was developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The Directory provides descriptions and links to hundreds of human rights organizations worldwide on the Internet.
      9. Global Exchange
        Global Exchange is a non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to promoting human rights through people-to-people ties around the world. Since our founding in 1988, we have been striving to increase global awareness among the US public while building international partnerships around the world.
      10. Human Rights Interactive Network
        An extensive collection of links to human rights and humanitarian resources and organizations around the world.
      11. Human Rights International Alliance
        Human Rights International Alliance works to promote awareness concerning human rights issues worldwide. The HRIA web site features an extensive collection of online resources.
      12. Human Rights Internet
        Founded in 1976, Human Rights Internet (HRI) is a world leader in the exchange of information within the worldwide human rights community. This site features an extensive collection of links to human rights web sites, as well as access to online human rights databases, educational resources, and background information on human rights issues.
      13. Human Rights Watch
        Human Rights Watch is one of the most comprehensive resources for human rights information on the web. The HRW web site features in-depth information and resources concerning human rights issues and abuses worldwide.
      14. Human Rights Web
        uman Rights Web is an excellent resource for general information about human rights, the human rights movement, human rights documents, etc.
      15. Human Rights in China
        Human Rights in China (HRIC) is an international non-governmental organization founded by Chinese scientists and scholars in March 1989. HRIC monitors the implementation of international human rights standards in the People's Republic of China and carries out human rights advocacy and education among Chinese people inside and outside the country.
      16. Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
        Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is a non-profit organization that works for peace, justice, economic opportunity, human rights, democracy and environmental sustainability through strategic use of online technologies. IGC offers a variety of resources including PeaceNet, WomensNet, EcoNet, etc.
      17. Institute of International Human Rights
        The Advocacy Center at the Institute of International Human Rights features an extensive collection of links to human rights-oriented web sites. This site is an excellent clearinghouse.
      18. Latin American Network Information Center Human Rights Resources (LANIC)
        The Latin American Network Information Center, or LANIC, is based at the University of Texas. This particular site offers extensive information about human rights in Latin America. The LANIC Human Rights site offers links to general human rights resources and a Latin American country index.
      19. Organization of American States
        The Organization of American States offers an excellent collection of links related to human rights issues. From this site you can also link to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights web site at http://www.cidh.oas.org. The IACHR site publishes an annual report on human rights.
      20. Resource Center of the Americas
        The Resource Center of the Americas offers information and resources intended to inform, educate, and organize for human rights, democracy, and justice. Check out the teachers' room for classroom resources and curricula.
      21. The United Nations Human Rights Home Page
        The UN Human Rights web site is a clearinghouse of information related to the work of the United Nations is the field of human rights. This is a good starting point.
      22. Thesaurus of Economic, Social, and Cultural Right Violations
        The Thesaurus of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Terminology and Potential Violations is based on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR or the Covenant). It organizes and classifies rights, terminology and corresponding potential violations pertaining to articles 1-15 of the Covenant categorically, thematically, and alphabetically.
      23. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
        According to Mrs. Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "...today's human rights violations are the causes of tomorrow's conflicts." The UNHCHR web site provides current information concerning human rights issues including: the International Criminal Court, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Human Rights Education, etc. Use the search engine to find information about specific topics and issues.
      24. Universal Declaration of Human Rights 50th Anniversary
        Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt's belief that, "The destiny of human rights is in the hands of all our citizens in all our communities," this site represents an effort by over 125 organizations to raise awareness and understanding of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. This site features links and resources related to human rights and human rights education.
      25. University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
        This site is part of the DIANA International Human Rights Database. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in human rights issues and education.

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