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The Understanding the New World Disorder Online Global Security Resource Guide was developed by the Center for International Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for the 2002 Global Studies Summer Institute (GSSI).

The Global Studies Summer Institute is an annual four-day program
intended to provide K-16 educators with an opportunity to learn about
and discuss contemporary international issues and their practical
applications for the classroom.

This summer's Institute, entitled Understanding the New World Disorder:
Exploring Global Security Issues in the Classroom
, will examine issues
related to the changing conceptions of security, and many issues related
to understanding what contributes to security or insecurity in our
world. Issues that will be addressed by speakers and participants
include the relationship between globalization and human security, security and the nation-state
, and the connections between global security and issues including:

This guide is designed to serve as a resource for participants of the Global Studies Summer Institute, but it is hoped that its usefulness will endure beyond the four days of the program.


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