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Information Security

    1. Guide To Internet Resources: Information Warfare
      Compiled by Randall Whitaker, this site is a compilation of key WWW sites addressing the subject of information warfare (IW) and the relevant issues which serve to contextualize it.
    2. Information Warfare
      Hosted by, this site is an excellent portal for all subjects related to information security.
      This site includes sections on Articles Submitted, Class I - Privacy, Class II - Espionage, Class III- Terrorism, Call for Papers, Conferences, Electronic Civil Defense, Hacker Musings, Law & Legal Issues, Military and C4I, Products & Services, Resources, Surveys and Studies, and WMD.
      Security Focus is a private company specializing in information security. This site provides an interesting glimpse of some of the security issues as stake in our increasingly information-based society.
    5. Portal
      Formerly the "Temple of the Screaming Electron" BBS, maintained by "Taipan Enigma" - an off-beat, counter-culture site dedicated to privacy. Features a special page dedicated to information privacy
    1. Critical Infrastructure Protection: Comments on the National Plan for Information Systems Protection

    2. Critical Infrastructure Protection: Comments on the Proposed Cyber Security Information Act of 2000

    3. Information Security Risk Assessment: Practices of Leading Organizations

    4. Information Security: Advances and Remaining Challenges to Adoption of Public Key Infrastructure Technology

    5. Information Security: Code Red, Code Red II, and SirCam Attacks Highlight Need for Proactive Measures

    1. U.S. Department of Defense Information Analysis Center (IAC)
      This agency serves as a central authoritative source for Information Assurance vulnerability data, information, methodologies, models, and analyses of emerging technologies relating to the survivability, authenticity, and continuity of operation of information systems critical to the nation's defense in support of the agencies' front line missions.
    1. Information Warfare
      Sponsored by the University of New Brunswick, Saint John Ward Chipman Library, this site provides an extensive listing of online resources related to information security.
    2. Information Warfare Tutorial (Army War College)
      Another good online resource listing that features annotations.
    3. Intelligence and Information Revolution
      Hosted by the Joint Center for International and Security Studies, this site is another online listing of resources related to information security.
    4. The RMA Debate: Information Warfare
      A gateway to full-text online resources about the Revolution in Military Affairs, information war, and asymmetrical warfare.
    1. Foner, Lenny. A Brief Introduction to Yenta."
      Greenberg, Lawrence T., et al, Information Warfare and International Law (1998). Joyner, Christopher C. & Catherine Lotrionte, "Information Warfare as International Coercion: Elements of a Legal Framework," 12 European Journal of International Law 825-865 (2001). Lake, Anthony. 6 Nightmares: Real Threats in a Dangerous World and How America Can Meet Them. (2000). "Cyberthreat: Protecting U.S. Information Networks," special issue of U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda, USIA Electronic Journal, Vol. 3, No. 4, November 1998

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