Cyber Security

  1. Security from Hackers and General Security
    1. 5-Minute Security Advisor - Essential Security Tools for Home Office Users

    2. Creating stronger passwords

    3. Improve your family's Web security in 4 steps

    4. Protecting Your Home Network

    5. School is in: 7 computer security tips for students

    6. Security at Home

    7. Windows XP Security and Privacy

  2. Viruses
    1. How do I help protect my computer against viruses?

    2. Viruses and Worms

    3. What is a Computer Virus?

  3. Spam
    1. Give with care: Tips for avoiding online donation scams

    2. Spam Basics Quiz

    3. Spam dos and don'ts: What to do with spam

  4. Phishing
    1. Help prevent identity theft from phishing scams: How can I tell if an e-mail message is fraudulent?

  5. Spyware
    1. Quiz: Spyware Basics 1

    2. What you can do about spyware and other unwanted software

    3. What you can do about spyware and other unwanted software: How to get rid of spyware

    4. What you can do about spyware and other unwanted software: Signs of spyware

  6. Instant Messaging
    1. Instant messaging safety and privacy tips

  7. Backup
    1. Windows XP Backup Made Easy

  8. University Sites
    1. Stanford University - Secure Computing: Best Practices for Windows XP

    2. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Security

  9. US Government Sites
    1. Federal Trade Commission - You've Got Spam: How to "Can" Unwanted Email

    2. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint Form

    3. Fermilab Computer Security

    4. NIST Computer Security Division

    5. NSA Information Assurance

    6. US CERT

    7. US Department Of Energy, Office of CIO, Office of Cyber Security

  10. Other Noteworthy Sites
    1. Ad-Aware

    2. Beck, Robert J. (2005) "Seven Computer Security Tips for Educators" Presentation

    3. Frontline "Cyber War!"

    4. Labmice - Windows Security Checklist

    5. Mozilla Firefox Browser

    6. Nero

    7. Network Abuse Clearinghouse

    8. Norton Ghost 9

    9. Spybot S&D