Learning with New Media

  1. Learning Objects
    1. "Learning Objects" Comprehensive Site - UWM Center for International Education

    2. Beck, Robert J. (2005)
      2005 Global Studies Summer Institute, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.
    3. Burlage, Robert. (2005)
      2005 Global Studies Summer Institute, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.
    4. GEODE Portal
      "Global Education Online Depository and Exchange" site features over 200 Global Studies learning objects. Database is searchable by multiple criteria.
    5. IDEAS Portal
      "Provides Wisconsin educators access to high-quality, highly usable, teacher-reviewed web-based resources for curricula, content, lesson plans, professional development and other selected resources. These resources help Wisconsin educators use technology to meet the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards and create the foundation for a statewide knowledge management system." Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-System and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, K-16 resources are provided. "Global Studies" resources are keyword-indexed.
  2. Teaching and Learning with Technology
    1. Teaching Effectiveness Program, University of Oregon - "Teaching with Technology"

    2. Teaching with Electronic Technology

    3. Technology and Teaching - PBS: Innovative online professional development for educators

    4. The TLT Group

    5. Using Technology to Increase Citizen Participation in Government: The Use of Models and Simulation
      John O'Looney, Public Service Associate, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia