Assessing Information's Reliability

  1. Tutorials
    1. Evaluating Web Resources

    2. Evaluation of Web Resources - Lake Forest College Library

    3. Finding information on the Internet A tutorial.

    4. ICYouSee T is for Thinking

    5. Inflite information literacy

    6. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, or Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources

    7. Web searching, sleuthing, and sifting

  2. Evaluating the Quality of Information, Websites, and Search Engines
    1. A guide to critical thinking about what you see on the web

    2. Evaluating quality on the net

    3. Resources for Evaluating Websites

    4. Search engine showdown: The user's guide to web searching


    6. Thinking critically about World Wide Web resources

    7. Thinking critically about discipline-based World Wide Web resources

    8. Web search engines FAQs Questions, answers, and issues

    9. Web-savvy keeping current with web-based resources

  3. Rubric for Online Instruction
    1. Developed by Laura Sederberg at Cal State Chico