A Window on the World: Internet 
Resource Guide Copyright © 1999 Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium



Compiled by the Center for South Asia Studies and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  1. General
    1. Center for South Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison
      This site contains a list of South Asian documentary films and South Asian publications covering a wide range of topics.
    2. The Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
      This is the web site of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies which consists of 25 core faculty members in 15 disciplines that include anthropology, business, communications (journalism), education, economics, forestry, geography, history, linguistics, literature, music and dance (performing arts), political science, public health, sociology, and urban and regional planning
  2. General Asian Studies Web Sites
    1. ASIANetwork
      The ASIANetwork features a nice collection of Asian Studies links.
    2. Asia Society Education Center
      The Asia Society web site offers a wealth of information and resources for teaching about Asia including multimedia resources for teachers, TeachAsia grants, and links to hundreds of resources related to Asian studies. This is an excellent starting point.
    3. Asia Source
      Asia Source is a wonderful web site developed by the Asia Society. It features links to a wide range of information about Asia from current events to history and culture.
    4. Asian Educational Media Service
      The Asian Educational Media Service at the University of Illinois offers a variety of resources for all areas of Asia. They provide a section specifically for K-12 resources, as well as information to help educators of all levels locate media materials that can be used in learning and teaching about the cultures and peoples of Asia.
    5. Ask Asia
      The Ask Asia web site provides access to high-quality, classroom-tested resources and cultural information, engaging games and activities, and links to other relevant people, places, and institutions with Asian teaching resources. This is a good place to start for general Asian studies resources.
    6. China: 50 Years of Communism
      THis site, developed by the NY Times, features an interactive timeline with links to articles from the NY Times archives, articles written by prominent scholars, a photo album commemorating 50 years of communism in China, an interactive map, and much more.
    7. International Institute for Asian Studies
      This web site features a large quantity of information and resources related to Asian studies including information about art, museums, research, and general links.
    8. The Association for Asian Studies
      This web site introduces you to numerous resources for teaching about South Asia, including the biannual publication, Education About Asia, a magazine designed as a resource for teachers at all educational levels who wish to bring information about Asia into their classrooms.
    9. World Wide Web Virtual Library of Asian Studies
      This is one of the most comprehensive resources for Asian Studies information. Information is organized by region, country, or theme. Use the search engine to find specific information. A great place to start!
  3. General Southeast Asian Studies
    1. ASEAN Homepage
      This web site for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations includes information on and links to the following: ASEAN Online Newspapers, ASEAN Official Web Sites, Internet Service Providers in ASEAN, ASEAN Time Zone , Military, Contemporary Conflicts & Diplomatic Rows, Human Rights in ASEAN, ASEAN Society Culture - Usenet Newsgroups
    2. Burma Internet Resources
      This page features several links to Burmese-related sites including the Burma Net News and the Free Burma homepage.
    3. Southeast Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
      The South East Asia section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library covers online resources dealing with: General Information on Southeast Asia, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
    4. The Economist
      This is the official web site for the international weekly journal of news, ideas, opinion, and analysis. A good source for current information about Asia.
    5. WWW Hmong Homepage
      The quintessential page to over 80 links to information on the Hmong.
  4. Thailand
    1. Chiang Mai University
      This site is the home page of Chiang Mai University in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
    2. The Bangkok Post
      This web site will take you one of the leading newspapers in Thailand.
  5. Indonesia
    1. Ethnologue Database: Indonesia
      The Ethnologue is a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries, including each country in Southeast Asia. The Ethnologue Name Index lists over 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names. The Ethnologue Language Family Index organizes languages according to language families. In addition, this site provides information population and maps.
    2. Tempo Interaktif
      Tempo Ineraktif is the web site for Tempo magazine, an equivalent to Time Magazine in the U.S.
    3. United Nations Member States - Indonesia
      This site offers various Indonesian position statements on various issues discussed and deliberated in the United Nations in New York together with statements on a variety of other issues. Some other Southeast Asian countries have similar sites through the United Nations.
  6. Philippines
    1. Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre
      Data on: Demographic Profile, Economic Indicators -not up-to-date - some data dates back to 1989, Social Indicators, Philippine Advertising, Philippine Broadcasting Media, Philippine Cinema, Philippine Print Media, Philippine Telecommunications
    2. Country Information - Philippines
      A comprehensive site with links to Business World Online Edition, The Philippine Reporter, human rights and law in the Philippines, and the Philippines Archives.
    3. St. Norbert's Philippine Studies
      This site is the web site of the Philippine Studies program at St. Norbert's College in DePere, Wisconsin.
    4. Tanikalang Ginto
      The Philippines' most comprehensive web directory provides categories or a search engine that will find anything about the Philippines one wants to know.
    5. US Agency for International Development-Mission in the Philippines
      Philippines partnership for democracy and development is a shared commitment to mutual economic interest, democracy, and a common concern for global issues of environmental degradation, population, and the AIDS epidemic. In addition to several other issues, these are the main focus of this web site for USAID.
  7. Vietnam
    1. Contemporary Art of Vietnam
      This site, developed by Chi D. Nguyen, includes relevant information on Vietnamese painters and art school. The page is divided by time period: Pre-1945, 1950-70 in North VN, 1960-70 in South Vietnam, 1970-1990, but also includes photos of sculpture.
    2. Vietnam Embassy in the United States
      This is the official web site of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    3. Vietnam News
      This is the web site of the national English daily paper.
    4. Vietnam Wiki
      General Information, History, Vietnamese Press, Vietnamese Organizations, Vietnamese Professionals, Religions, Vietnam Archives, Vietnam Pictures, Music, Poetry, Vietnamese Language, Vietnamese Culture, Vietnam War, Refugees, Food, Astrology, Travel Vietnam Current Affairs, Everyone's Thoughts, Vietnam and Internet, Social Matters, Martial Arts, Other Web Pages
    5. Vietnamese Economics Network
      The main purpose of the Vietnamese Economics Network (VECON) is to further communications among economists doing research on Vietnam. The network is open to anyone (economist and non-economist, Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese) who has a serious interest in the economics of Vietnam.
    6. World Wide Web Virtual Library Vietnam
      The World Wide Web Virtual Library Vietnam is hosted by the Australian National University, and offers numerous links and resources.
  8. Other Teaching Resources for Asia
    1. K-12 Teaching Resources on South Asia at Columbia University
      SARAI: South Asian Area Resources, which is sponsored by Columbia University, features an extensive list of multimedia resources for teaching South Asian topics.
    2. SAWNET: South Asian Women's Net
      The South Asian Women's Net web site maintains a list of recommended South Asian books & software for kids. This site also features a section of related links, which provide additional resources.
    3. South Asia Children's Books section
      This site features an extensive list of children's books about life in South Asia. You can also browse the entire list of over 6,000 titles. Available books are organized by topic, and feature information about anything from religion to art.
    4. South Asian Studies Virtual Libraries
      This site offers links to the many South Asian Studies Virtual Libraries around the world. Use this site to visit libraries for Asia, South Asia, Tibet, India, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
    5. University of Virginia South Asian Studies Teaching Resources
      The Center for South Asia at the University of Virginia features a number of teaching resources on their web site including lesson plans, curriculum resources, and online resources.
    6. World History Archives--History Articles on South Asia
      The World History Archive on South Asia provides an extensive collection of information about all areas of South Asia. This site provides background historical information for Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Indian Ocean and South Asia as a whole.
  9. General South East Asia Search Engines
    1. A School for Iqbal
      This site tells the story of a child sold into bonded slave labor.
    2. DAWN Young World
      Pakistan's Weekly Magazine for young people features links, stories, games, and activities meant to encourage communication and understanding among children.
    3. Harappa.com
      Harappa.com offers a collection of sounds, images, and artifacts from South Asia before 1947. This is an interesting site to explore.
    4. Puja: Expressions of Hindu Devotion Online Teachers' Guide
      Hindu worship known as puja is the act of showing reverence to a god or to aspects of the divine. This online guide for educators offers background information, activities, a bibliography and resource list about puja.
    5. South Asia Net
      South Asia Net is an index of resources and links to South Asian art, culture, music, food, and much more. Use the search engine to locate information about a specific topic.
    6. UC Berkeley's Electronic Resources for South Asia
      UC Berkeley has compiled an outstanding collection of Internet links related to South Asia. The information presented on this web site is organized regionally and thematically. This site also provides links to a large variety of online publications related to or published in South Asia. This is a great place to explore, if you have some time.