A Window on the World: Internet 
Resource Guide Copyright © 1999 Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium


Foreign Language

A Window on the World: Internet Resource Guide
  1. Authentic Resources
    1. Center for the Advancement of Language Learning
      The Center for the Advancement of Language Learning offers links by language to sites containing authentic documents for integrating into your course.
    2. Human Languages Page
      This site is loaded with links to literature, language materials, publications, organizations and much more.
    3. Language Links
      The Language Links web site is organized by over 14 different language groups including African Languages, French, German, Spanish, Asian Languages, Italian, Portuguese, and many more.
  2. Web-Based Activities-Instructional Sites Created by Teachers
    1. Internet Activities for French, German, & Spanish
      This site offers Internet-based lesson plans that were created by teachers. These sites were designed as worksheets for the students to complete while accessing the corresponding reference web sites online.
    2. Mini Lesson Plans for Foreign Language Web Sites
      Developed by Illinois State University, this site features lesson plans and links to foreign language web sites.
    3. NFLRC Web Activities
      This site offers innovative exercises for foreign language teaching and learning.
    4. Teaching with the Web
      This site developed by Lauren Rosen, features resources and exercises for using the Internet to teach commonly and less-commonly taught languages. Teaching with the Web is an extremely rich resource for foreign language educators of all levels.
  3. ESL / EFL
    1. Famous Japanese Personages Project
      These web pages were developed by the students of Kyoto Sangyo University for non-Japanese who would like to learn about famous personages in modern-day Japan.
    2. Internet for ESL teachers
      This site offers an extensive amount of information for ESL teachers including links to: ESL organizations, student projects, an introduction to the Internet, search engines, online courses, and much more.
    3. Learning English with the Web
      This home page is a starting point for ESL learners who want to learn English using the World Wide Web. Many people have created ESL learning materials for the Web. This home page links you to those ESL sites and other interesting places. The variety of materials will allow you to choose something appropriate for your level.
  4. French
    1. La Vie Culturelle
      This interactive site quizzes users on French culture, cinema, music, television, and press.
    2. Standards for Foreign Language Learning: activities for French
      This site provides links to over 35 web sites that can be used in the French language classroom. You can visit the home page of Le Monde, follow the news in France and Quebec, or go to the Tintin home page.
  5. German
    1. German Internet Chronik
      This site features web exercises for students of all levels of proficiency in German. Exercises are grouped into 10 different units.
  6. Italian
    1. Italian Language Course
      CyberItalian is a web-site on Italian language and culture. It is a meeting place for people wishing to understand Italian culture and learn Italian language.
  7. Japanese
    1. Beginner Level Japanese Course
      This online Japanese course provides an extensive collection of web exercises for teachers and students. You may need to download certain software in order to view the Japanese scripts. This site provides links to sources for the necessary software.
  8. Russian
    1. Russian Grammar Tutorial and Exercises
      This site provides general information about the Russian language including grammar, vocabulary, and online exercises.
  9. Spanish
    1. Ejercicios de lengua espaƱola
      This site presents a series of language exercises for the purpose of facilitating the learning and teaching of Spanish in the Internet environment. This site is in English and Spanish.