A Window on the World: Internet 
Resource Guide Copyright © 1999 Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium


Global Studies

Compiled by the Joint Center for International Studies at UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison.
  1. General Global Studies
    1. Amnesty International Online
      Amnesty International Online provides extensive information about the state of human rights worldwide.
    2. Atlapedia Online
      Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
    3. Atlas of the World
      The Atlas of the World features an excellent collection of country and regional maps. Select a nation and it will display a full-color map including international and regional/district boundaries, capitals, transportation, and waterways.
    4. CIA World Factbook
      The CIA World Factbook provides information, maps, and statistics for every country in the world in terms of their economy, transportation networks, government, people, and geography.
    5. Choices for the 21st Century Education Project
      The Choices Project offers a variety of dynamic and interactive curriculum units intended to engage students in debate and decision making. The Choices Project offers units in three different formats including Areas in Transition, Global Challenges, and Historical Turning Points. Choices units are a great way to link international issues to US foreign policy decisions.
    6. Constitution Finder
      This index offers constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents. Nations of the world and states are listed alphabetically, and each country's name is linked to its constitutional text posted somewhere on the Internet.
    7. Elections around the World
      Edited by Wilfried Derksen, this worldwide index provides continually updated information on current governments, past and upcoming elections, and political systems.
    8. History and Social Studies Web Sites for K-12 Teachers
      The major purpose of this award winning home page is to encourage the use of the World Wide Web as a tool for learning and teaching and to provide some help for K-12 classroom teachers in locating and using the resources of the Internet in the classroom. This site features thousands of interesting and useful links that are organized by subject.
    9. InfoNation Database
      Sponsored by the United Nations CyberSchoolBus, InfoNation is an easy-to-use, two-step database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations. Compare statistics from seven different countries at a time.
    10. International Studies Education Project, San Diego State University (ISTEP)
      ISTEP works with teachers, school administrators and other educational specialists in developing curricular programs and instructional approaches designed to equip children with the knowledge, understanding and analytic abilities they will need to function as thoughtful, successful citizens in a complex, diverse, yet increasingly interdependent world.
    11. Joint Center for International Studies at Milwaukee and Madison
      The Joint Center for International Studies provides a variety of resources for educators of all levels. The JCIS web site features information about professional development opportunities for teachers, links to important resources for international and global studies, Internet resource guides, and much more. In addition, the Joint Center for International Studies coordinates the International Studies Resource Network, a network of over 475 global educators from Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. Follow the "Outreach" link for information specifically for K-16 educators.
    12. License Plates of the World
      License Plates of the World, as the name suggests, features an enormous collection of pictures of license plates from Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe.
    13. National Council for the Social Studies
      The National Council for the Social Studies offers some very good information and resources related to global studies. You can download lesson plans, curricula, and general classroom resources from this site. The section of the web site entitled "Teaching Resources" offers a collection dedicated to global connections.
    14. One World Online
      One World provides country-specific news information for all regions of the world. Information can be searched by country, today's headlines, theme, or by weekly news.
    15. The American Forum for Global Education
      The American Forum for Global Education features an extensive collection of global studies links and resources. In addition, they sponsor a large variety of programs for teachers and students intended to enhance global education at all levels.
    16. The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy
      The Avalon Project at the Yale University Law School is a wonderful resource for teachers who are interested in using primary source documents to enhance their classrooms. The Avalon Project has mounted an enormous collection of online documents related to law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy, and government. Organized by century, the Avalon Project web site features documents from the Federalist Papers to the United Nations Charter. This site also offers a convenient search engine.
    17. The International Education and Resource Network (I*EARN)
      The International Education and Resource Network enables young people to undertake projects designed to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people through the use of telecommunications.
    18. The Odyssey: World Trek for Service and Education
      Join over 1,000,000 students as they travel the world online. The Odyssey links you with our team of adventurers on their round-the-world trek. Share the adventure, share in the learning, and help make a difference in the world.
    19. The United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)
      Newly updated, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees site offers UNHCR country reports, Repatriation information reports, Refugee case law, UN Commission on Human Rights Reports and many other statistical and official documents regarding the status of refugees worldwide.
    20. The United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)
      Newly updated, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees site offers UNHCR country reports, Repatriation information reports, Refugee case law, UN Commission on Human Rights Reports and many other statistical and official documents regarding the status of refugees worldwide.
    21. The United Nations Resource Guide
      The United Nations Resource Guide was developed by the Joint Center for International Studies at the University of Wisconsin. The guide features over 75 web sites intended to help users access online information related to the United Nations. In addition, JCIS is working with the Institute of World Affairs and the Greater Milwaukee United Nations Association to develop a set of interactive activities, games, and projects related to the United Nations and international issues.
    22. The Virtual Geography Department
      This site links the discipline of geography worldwide using the Internet and other online resources. Features links and information regarding cartography, cultural geography, virtual fieldtrips, and other important geography resources.
    23. U.S. State Department: Digital Diplomacy for Students
      This web site provides information and resources for teachers and students related to diplomacy and international affairs.
    24. United Nations CyberSchoolBus
      The United Nations CyberSchoolBus is an excellent resource for global educators. This site features a large variety of resources, curricula, projects, games, and activities about current issues of international importance including human rights, the environment, landmines, urbanization, and health. The CyberSchoolBus is presented in English, Spanish, and French.
    25. World Lecture Hall
      Contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials.
    26. World Wise Schools
      World Wise Schools, which is sponsored by the Peace Corps, offers a wealth information and resources related to increasing international and cultural understanding among students. This site features lesson plans, curricula, video resources, and information about opportunities for students to correspond with current and past Peace Corps Volunteers.
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication
    1. 21st Century Schoolhouse
      The 21st Century Schoolhouse is a project that has united six high schools from the United States, Brazil, Israel, Australia, South Africa and Japan in an effort to encourage students to address the environmental and social challenges facing future generations. This site allows students and teachers to contact project participants, and urges the creation of similar international dialogues between schools.
    2. E-mail Classroom Exchange
      This site offers a list of over 3,000 classrooms from around the world. Use the built-in search tools to browse participating classrooms by country, first language used, grade level, etc. Submit your classroom profile or browse their links to other on-line resources.
    3. Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
      Free service to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail pen pal and project exchanges for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges. Since its creation in 1992, IECC has distributed over 28,000 requests for e-mail partnerships. At last count, more than 7,200 teachers in 79 countries were participating in the program.
    4. Kidlink
      Kidlink is a non-profit grassroots organization aimed at getting as many youth as possible involved in a global dialog. Kidlink is based on the idea that getting kids around the world to talk to each other will allow them a direct experience with friends having the common experience of childhood but often in very different circumstances.
    5. The Cisco Educational Archives (CEARCH)
      The CEARCH site includes a comprehensive listing of elementary, secondary and international schools on the Internet. It also provides extensive educational links and resources for teachers, students and administrators.
    6. UNICEF-Voices of Youth
      UNICEF offers the Voices of Youth Project to teachers and students as an online resource for learning about the contemporary challenges facing children worldwide. This is an excellent site for teachers and students who would like to learn and share with students from around the world.
    7. Web66: International School Web Site Registry
      The Web66 project is designed to facilitate the introduction of this technology into K-12 schools. One of the project's goals is to link K-12 web servers and the educators and students at those schools, as through this international school web site listing.