The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America 
A Conference at the University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee
April 19-20, 2001

Diaspora painting
CONFERENCE OVERVIEW:  Latin America has been the site of significant Jewish immigration over the past two centuries.  Jews in Latin America have helped to shape Latin American events and in turn been shaped by them.  This conference aims to disseminate knowledge about the Jewish community in Latin America on the UWM campus and to the public in Milwaukee.  The participants in the conference are well-known scholars in Jewish and Latin American studies and are from the United States, Israel, and Argentina.  Many of the conference participants have been on the scene for some of the most significant events in recent Jewish/Latin American history.

The conference is free of charge and open to the public.  All events will take place at the Hefter Conference Center, 3271 N. Lake Drive, Milwaukee.

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