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Human Rights and Societies in Transition

"Human Rights and Societies in Transition:
Causes, Consequences, and

An international conference organized by

The United Nations University and 
the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

March 1-3, 2001
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Human rights are often a neglected yet crucial issue in societies emerging from conflicts or from dramatic changes in economic and political systems. From determining how human rights are defined and understood to addressing how human rights practices evolve in real-world environments, this conference intends to develop an understanding of these causes and their negative consequences, and to effect resolution.

From March 1-3, 2001, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the
United Nations University will host an international conference on human rights.   "Human Rights and Societies in Transition: Causes Consequences, and Responses" will welcome international experts in the field of human rights to Milwaukee for an intensive examination and discussion of contemporary human rights issues.  

On Thursday, March 1, 2001 the Center for International Education will host a Human Rights Forum and Film Festival on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. These events will kick-off the conference.

Download a copy of the conference schedule in .pdf format

For more information or to register for the conference contact Alex Dye, Outreach Coordinator for the UWM Center for International Education at 414-229-4344 or

Additional sponsors of this program include:

  • The Japanese Government 
  • Annette J. Roberts and Joan R. Robertson Fund for World Peace, World Law, and Peace Education


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