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Human Rights Forum and Film Festival

Human Rights and Societies in Transition:
Violations, Causes, and Consequences

On Thursday, March 1, 2001 the Center for International Education will host a Human Rights Forum and Film Festival on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. These events will kick-off a United Nations Conference, which will be held March 2-3, 2001. The Conference, entitled "Human Rights and Societies in Transition: Violations, Causes, and Consequences," will welcome international experts in the field of human rights to Milwaukee for an intensive examination and discussion of contemporary human rights issues. We are proud to work with Dr. Shale Horowitz of the UWM Department of Political Science in organizing these important events.

Co-sponsors of the conference and campus events include the: 

  • United Nations University

  • Japanese Government

  • Annette J. Roberts and Joan R. Robertson Fund for World Peace, World Law, and Peace Education

  • UWM Union Programming

  • Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

  • Institute of World Affairs

  • International Relations Society

  • Student Association at UWM

  • The Wisconsin Humanities Council

  • The Franke Idea Fund

Below you will find more detailed information about the Human Rights Forum and Film Festival. For more information concerning these events or to register for the "Human Rights and Societies in Transition" Conference, contact the Center for International Education at 414-229-4344 or

Human Rights Forum

Thursday, March 1, 2001
UWM Union, Concourse

The Human Rights Forum is scheduled for 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Thursday, March 1, 2001. This event will feature informational booths staffed by representatives from organizations working in the field of human rights, information about how to support human rights locally and globally, as well as a variety of displays and poster petitions related to human rights around the world. The Human Rights Forum is intended to raise public and campus awareness concerning the importance of human rights for all.

Human Rights Film Festival

Thursday, March 1, 2001
UWM Union Cinema

The 2001 Human Rights Film Festival is scheduled to run concurrently with the Human Rights Forum. The Festival will feature three documentary films that explore human rights abuses in various areas of the world including Chile, Chechnya, and Rwanda. An expert in the field of human rights will introduce the films and lead a discussion following each screening. All films are free of charge, and admission will be given on a first come, first serve basis. 

Film Schedule 
(Note: All films will be screened in the UWM Union Cinema on Thursday, March 1, 2001)


Presentation and Discussion by
Terry Miller, Former Human Rights Lawyer in Chile

In this film, director Patricio Guzmán shows his documentary film, The Battle of Chile, which chronicles Chile's open and peaceful democratic election of Salvador Allende in 1973, and the ensuing violent counter-revolution led by Augusto Pinochet. Guzmán's audience includes friends who remember the courage brought to the peaceful revolution, and young Chileans who seem surprised by these events of recent history. This film explores important issues related to collective memory and human rights abuses. (58 minutes)


Presentation and Discussion by Dodge Billingsley, Producer/Director

Award winning Immortal Fortress and its producer/director Dodge Billingsley take the viewer on a dangerous behind-the-scenes journey into Chechnya, exploring the tiny mountain republic's war driven culture while searching for its most popular modern day warrior, Shamil Basayev. Immortal Fortress is a riveting look behind the scenes of one of the work's most controversial men, and answers the broader question of why Shamil Basayev and thousands of other Chechens fight. Producer/Director Dodge Billingsley will introduce the film and lead a discussion following the Milwaukee Premiere. (56 minutes)


Presentation and Discussion by Ambassador Joseph W. Mutaboba, Rwandan Ambassador to the United Nations

The Triumph of Evil is a vivid and revealing report on how the 1994 Rwandan genocide could have been prevented. Drawing on dramatic footage, previously confidential cables, and interviews with U.N. and U.S. officials, this program investigates how months prior to the genocide the U.S. and U.N. had been warned by a key Rwandan informant about the coming slaughter. Despite the warning, the West didn't try to prevent it. And once the genocide started, didn't try to halt it. In just 100 days, the Hutu majority of Rwanda murdered an estimated 800,000 of their Tutsi countrymen--a rate of killing that was faster than the Nazis. (60 minutes)


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