Conference Organizers

Patrice Petro
Vice Provost for International Education
Professor of English, Film, and Global Studies,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Kennan Ferguson
Associate Professor of Political Science,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Lane Hall
Professor of English,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Andrew Kincaid
Associate Professor of English,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Theodore Martin
Assistant Professor of English,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Annie McClanahan
Assistant Professor of English,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Philip Minehan
Visiting Assistant Professor of History,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Nigel Rothfels
Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Kumkum Sangari
Vilas Professor of English and the Humanities,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee




Niki Akhavan
"Foundations and Shadows of a Mixed Economy: Self-Sufficiency and Strife in Post-Revolutionary Iran"

A. Aneesh
"Transforming Citizenship: Beyond Blood, Soil, and Capital"

Ivan Ascher
"Speculative Finance and the Capitalist Mode of Prediction"

Edward Ball
"Slavery and Capitalism: Pasts and Futures"

Rachel I. Buff
"Anti-Capitalist Imaginings during the Deportation Drives of the 1950s"

Marcus Bullock
"Capitalism as Religion: From Walter Benjamin to the End of Eternity"

Carolyn J. Eichner
"Unity Through Anarchy: Challenging Hierarchy from a French South Pacific Penal Colony"

S. Scott Graham
"The Vertical Integration of Global Pharmaceuticals Policy"

Eric Herhuth
"The Future is Animated: Cultural Programming and Pixar’s WALL-E"

Esther Leslie
"Liquid, Crystal, Vaporous: The Natural Forms of Capitalism"

Geoff Mann
"Post-capitalist Capitalism?"

Bernard C. Perley
"Uncanny Capital: Imperial Discomfort and the Emergence of Coyote Capital"

Andrew Ross
"Taking Down the Creditocracy"

Bhaskar Sunkara
"Beyond the Welfare State"

Cristina Venegas
"Media Ecologies of Invention"

Sherryl Vint
"Bad Seeds: The End of Capital in Recent Science Fiction Film"

Ajume H. Wingo
"In the Beginning was the Initiative: The Zero-Factor of Production after Capitalism in African States."