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Faculty Information

Catherine Russell, Patrice Petro, and Andrew Martin

CIE relies heavily on the active participation of faculty to meet successfully the goals of our mandate. This page provides information and resources of particular interest to members of the UW-Milwaukee faculty. 

If you would like more information about how you can become involved, please contact Patrice Petro, CIE Director, at or 414-229-3757.  To contact other CIE staff.

Faculty Forum

    Over the past year, the CIE has organized and facilitated a series of meetings for faculty from across the campus to meet, take stock of the curriculum, and determine directions for further development of international education options at UWM. Please visit the UWM International Education Faculty Forum web site to learn more about our efforts to work with faculty to innovate and strengthen international education at UWM.
Funding Support
    The CIE sponsors a number of grant programs for faculty to support the development of international education at UWM. Visit our Funding Support web site for more information.


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