Conference Organizers

Gabrielle Verdier (Bio)
Larry Kuiper(Bio)

Center for International Education

Patrice Petro (Bio)
Senior Director
Vice Provost for International Education


Speaker Bios

Ellen Amster(Bio)
"Articulate Bodies: Colonial Obstetrics and Birthing Modern Famine in Morocco"

A. Aneesh(Bio)
"Plants and Patents: The legal order of life" 

Paul Apostolidis(Bio)
"Immigrant Workers and Biopolitics of Meat Production

Anne Bramley(Bio)
"Caxton, Cuisinavision, and Podcasting: Experiencing Food Through New Media

Martha Carlin(Bio)
"Garden and Cuisine in Medieval Europe"

Cara De Silva(Bio)
"In Memory's Kitchen/In Memory's Kitchens: War and the Food of Dreams"

Hasia Diner(Bio)
"International Law during Global Crises: Why Rules are More Important than Ever" 

Kennan Ferguson(Bio)
"The Fastest Food: The Ideology and Flavor of Futurism." 

Randel Hanson(Bio)
"Regeneration: Leveraging Eds and Meds in Rebuilding Local Food Infrastructures" 

Jessica B. Harris(Bio)
"I'm Talkin' 'bout the Food I Sells! : Street Vending in the African Atlantic World" 

Ihab Hassan(Bio)
"Manna in Academe

Sally Hassan(Bio)
"Dinner on Canvas'" 

Larry Kuiper(Bio)
"Framing the Table: A Cross-linguistic Perspective on the Language of Eating

Erik Lindberg(Bio)
"Peak Oil, Peak Food"

Tasha Oren(Bio)
"Judge's Table: on Cooking Shows, Food Culture, and (not) Eating"

Jeffrey Pilcher(Bio)
"'How to Sell a Tamale for a Thousand Dollars': The Transnational Origins of the Nueva Cocina Mexicana"

Kristin Pitt(Bio)
"Representing the Harvest: Food and Farm Workers in the Contemporary United States"

Manu P. Sobti(Bio)
"The Last Apples of Kazakhstan: Modernity, Geo-Politics and Globalization in Central Asia"

Susan M. Squier(Bio)
"The Art and Politics of Poultry"

Pamela Robertson Wojcik (Bio)
"What to Do With a Tough Piece of Meat, or What Makes Corned Beef Hash Gay"


Margaret Duncan (Bio)

Timothy Ehlinger (Bio)

Lane Hall (Bio)

Jennifer Jordan (Bio)

Aims McGuinness(Bio)

Jeffrey Merrick(Bio)

Peter Paik(Bio)

Kristin Ruggiero (Bio)