Conference Organizer

Patrice Petro
Vice Provost for International Education
Professor of English, Film, and Global Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee



Gilberto Blasini
Associate Professor of English

Kennan Ferguson
Associate Professor of Political Science

Elena Gorfinkel
Assistant Professor of Art History

Lisa Moline
Associate Professor of Art & Design, Peck School of the Arts

Peter Paik
Associate Professor of French, Italian, and Comparative Literature

Robert Ricigliano
Director of the Institute of World Affairs

Manu Sobti
Professor of Architecture & Urban Planning

Jennifer Watson
Associate Dean of Humanities, College of Letters and Science


Dora Apel
"No Peace for the Weary"

Andrea Bartoli
"Reflections on Spiritual and Practical Dimensions of Peace"

Jon Beasley-Murray
"Low-Intensity Peace"

Sandra Braman
"Information Policy and Peace"

James Castonguay
"Negotiating Peace in US Media Culture after 9/11"

Diana Chigas
"Peacebuilding Practices"

Winson Chu
"War and Peace: What is Europe for Germany and Poland?"

Sara Cobb
"Peace as Dynamical System: A Narrative Lens"

Cynthia Cohen
"The Moral Imagination and the Permeable Membrane Between Art and Society: A Framework for Understanding and Assessing Arts-Informed Peacebuilding"

Peter Coleman
"Minding the Peace: Identifying Mind-Types for Promoting Peace in the Middle East"

Sarah Davies Cordova
"Digging the Cape’s Slavish Past: a Double Take on Cargo?"

Tony Grajeda
"Post-War Postponed: War without End, the Culture of Trauma, and the (Im)Possibility of Peace"

Lane Hall
"Overpass Light Brigade: The People's Bandwidth"

Oriol Mirosa
"Commodification and Violence: Conflicts over Water Access in Bolivia and South Africa"

Lisa Parks
"Targeted Homelands: Networked Visions of the US Drone War in Pakistan"

Jeffrey Sommers
"Wages of Austerity: the Latvian 'Miracle' and the Unraveling Social Europe"

Fred Turner
"Media, Peace, and the Problem of Attention in Cold War America"

Dan Wang
"Peace in the Global Midwest, or Riding Out the Trans-Love Energy Crisis"