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Transmissions: Globalization, Technology, Media Conference, April 25 -27, 2002


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April 25, 2002
April 26, 2002
April 27, 2002



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Transmissions: Globalization, Technology, Media
April 25-27, 2002
Hefter Conference Center
(unless otherwise indicated)
3271 N. Lake Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53211
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Many leading scholars have described how the contemporary character of technology, communication networks, and the arts have all been affected by world-wide trends, now often designated by the short-hand, "globalization." Against this background, the Transmissions: Globalization, Technology, Media conference aims to expand this recent work and suggest new ways of thinking about the interaction among media forms and technologies (both broadly defined) in the global contexts and corresponding notions of transmission, flows, journeys, passage-ways and currents. The conference gathers approaches that push the definitions of media technology and globalization, considering these terms theoretically, historically, or as fodder for invention, art, and fabulation.

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Sponsored by the UWM Center for International Education, in co-sponsorship with inova and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the conference is organized by Tasha Oren and Patrice Petro at, 414-299-3757.  Transmissions site pages designed by Ikeda.


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