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Welcome. To register for the April 25-27, 2002 UWM Transmissions Conference, please provide us with the registration information below by copying the form into an e-mail message or plain text attachment and e-mailing it to You can also print out the form and return it via fax to 414-229-3626, attn: Rachel Schrag.

There are no fees for attending the conference, and complimentary breakfast, light refreshments, and reception fare will be provided. Conference registrants may also order and pre-pay for a lunchtime meal service on the conference grounds (see Meal Service section below). The Hefter Center on Milwaukee’s Lake Drive is a short 5 minute walk from UWM central campus and convenient to a variety of area eating establishments.

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TRANSMISSIONS: Globalization, Technology, Media Conference Registration





OPTIONAL: Please assist us in our event planning by letting us know which portion(s) of the conference you are most interested in, and which day(s) you plan to attend.


If you would like a boxed lunch (sandwich, salad, dessert and a beverage) prepared and reserved for you, please indicate your preferences below. PLEASE NOTE: Payments for lunchtime meal service must be received by Monday, April 22, 2002 in a check payable to the "Center for International Education". Mail payments to the attention of Rachel Schrag, P.O.B. 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201 or deliver in-person to UWM Garland Hall, Rm 102, 2441 E, Hartford Ave.

_____ None for me, thank you
_____ Friday lunch service ($10)
_____ Saturday lunch service ($10)
_____ Vegetarian Meal

Return Form To: | 414-229-3626, attn: Rachel Schrag

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Thank you for registering.  We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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Sponsored by the UWM Center for International Education, in co-sponsorship with inova and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the conference is organized by Tasha Oren and Patrice Petro at, 414-299-3757.  Transmissions site pages designed by Ikeda.


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