Conference Organizer

Robert J. Beck (Bio)


Center for International Education

Patrice Petro (Bio)
Senior Director
Vice Provost for International Education


Speaker Bios

Pat Aufderheide(Bio)
Center for Social Media, School of Communication, American University
"Remixing the ©: How Academics, Filmmakers, Poets and Lawyers Together Are Righting Imbalance in Copyright Policy Worldwide" 

Erica Bornstein(Bio)
Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"Religious Charity Outside the Law in New Delhi" 

Sandra Braman(Bio)
Department of Communication, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"Internet Architecture and the Law" 

Elizabeth Buchanan(Bio)
School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"Information Ethics and Regulation in an Era of Trans-Border Research Flow" 

Rachel Buff(Bio)
Department of History, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"An International Origin of Immigrant Rights Discourse: Deportation during the Cold War" 

Michael Byers(Bio)
Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia
"International Law during Global Crises: Why Rules are More Important than Ever" 

Boaventura De Sousa Santos(Bio)
Department of Sociology, University of Coimbra, School of Economics; Institute for Legal Studies, University of Wisconsin Law School
"Law and the Epistemologies of the South" 

Kennan Ferguson(Bio)
Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"Limits and Speed Bumps: The Functions of International Law and its Lack" 

Douglas Howland(Bio)
Department of History, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"International Law and State Sovereignty in the Construction of Japan’s Status as a World Power" 

Jan Klabbers(Bio)
Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Global Governance Research, University of Helsinki
"Legalization and its Discontents" 

Friedrich Kratochwil(Bio)
Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute, Florence
"Communication, Niklas Luhmann and the Fragmentation Debate" 

Michael Likosky(Bio)
New York University Institute for Public Knowledge
"America as an Emerging Market: Restructuring Government, Transnational Law & High Technology" 

Cecelia Lynch(Bio)
Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies, University of California, Irvine
"Borders, Law, and Muslim Humanitarians in the 'War on Terror'" 

Monroe E. Price(Bio)
Center for Global Communications Studies, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
"Communications and Borders: Of Ghosts and Vampires" 

Peter Sands(Bio)
Department of English, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Nathaniel Stern(Bio)
Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"Wikipedia Art: Of Performative Citations and Trademark Infringement" 

Michael Zimmer(Bio)
School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
"Trading Up or a Race to the Bottom? How Regional Privacy Laws Impact Online Privacy Across Borders"