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Services Provided by CIE

CIE assists faculty leaders with managing program specifics and with the overall coordination of the program, including:

  • Consulting extensively with faculty leaders during the program development process.
  • Assisting with the establishment of an appropriate budget that meets university and UW-System guidelines.
  • Determining payment schedules for program expenses.
  • Making payments to on-site program vendors, as necessary.
  • Coordinating with UWM offices for review and approval of program invoices and contracts with overseas vendors.
  • Assisting leaders in developing program safety assessments.
  • Monitoring world events and U.S. State Department reports on program location safety.
  • Providing marketing support, which includes: posting your program on the CIE website; inclusion of your program in the CIE study abroad fair; creating program flyers to be displayed in CIE and used by the faculty leader for recruitment; and referrals to your program in peer presenting and advising sessions.
  • Assisting students with financial aid.
  • Maintaining an online application process for your students which complies with all higher education regulations (FERPA, ADA, etc.).
  • Designing, distributing, and collecting all necessary forms from students (i.e. a liability waiver and health and safety information).
  • Reviewing student discipline records for all participants.
  • Assisting leaders with students who have disabilities or conduct records.
  • Collecting payments from students and depositing them into their PAWS accounts.
  • Ensuring the availability of funds, which will cover program expenses.
  • Obtaining travel advance funds for faculty leaders.
  • Registering students in courses.
  • Administering student insurance.  All students studying abroad must be covered by the UW-System mandatory health insurance.
  • Providing all students with a general and site-specific orientation and general handbook.
  • Provide faculty leader pre-departure orientation.
  • Processing expense reconciliation with UWM’s travel and accounting offices
  • Paying salary and other compensations for leaders.
  • Registering students with overseas embassy/consulate.
  • Monitoring and notifying students of any risks associated with host country.
  • Coordinating university response in the event of an emergency.
  • Bearing financial and legal risks for the program. This includes covering unexpected and unavoidable expenses leading to negative balances in a program budget.
  • Providing overall guidance and help throughout the process.