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Development and Approval Timeline

10-14 months before departure

  • Determine intended destination, timeframe, and curriculum of program.
  • Meet with CIE staff to discuss the program concept, logistics, and timeline.
  • Begin the program and budget development process.

9-10 months before departure

  • Submit completed program application to school/college colleagues for review.
  • Make necessary revisions, if needed.

8 months before departure

  • PROPOSAL DEADLINE: Submit proposal materials to CIE (earlier submissions welcome!).  All signatures and supporting documentation must be included.
  • Meet with CIE staff to discuss program budget and develop marketing plan.

6-7 months before departure

  • Provide information/brochures to colleagues in your department. Contact faculty in other departments whose students may be interested in your program.  Initiate off-campus outreach, as appropriate.
  • Visit classes to promote program and hold recruitment meetings.
  • Establish list of and follow-up with interested students.

3 months before departure

  • Promote program at study abroad fair.
  • STUDENT APPLICATION DEADLINE: Meet with CIE staff to review and approve/deny student applicants.
  • Continue to talk to enrolled and interested students to keep enthusiasm high and answer questions.

1-3 months before departure

  • CIE liaises with students regarding passports/visas, financial aid, account charges, and registration.
  • CIE prepares travel and financial paperwork
  • Submit forms and other items to CIE

1 month to 1 week before departure

  • Attend faculty leader orientation
  • Receive final pre-departure documents from CIE
  • Lead program orientation with assistance from CIE staff
  • Finalize program travel and finances


Within 1 month of return

  • Turn in travel and program receipts to CIE for processing.
  • Meet with CIE staff for a post-program de-briefing.