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Marketing and Recruitment

Once a proposed program has been approved, CIE will create a brochure, flyer, and webpage to advertise the program.  Program leaders may also create their own marketing materials.  If doing so, however, it is very important that all publicity be carefully checked to ensure accuracy--a brochure represents a written contract with the students, and the addition of new items or failure to include others may result in problems.

Once CIE has notified you that your program proposal has been officially approved, a study abroad coordinator will be in touch to set up a meeting to discuss next steps, to include a recruitment plan.

Effective recruitment almost always determines the success or failure of a program.  Some tips for recruitment:

  • Set a date/time for an information session well ahead of the application deadline.
  • Announce the program in all classes that you teach, as well as those in which students are eligible to participate (CIE can also help with classroom visits).
  • Discuss the program with students whom you advise, if they are eligible to enroll.
  • Describe the program to your colleagues and ask them to help you recruit. If your program may appeal to students in other disciplines, you'll want to make contact with those faculty members as well.
  • Give colleagues and students a copy of the program flyer developed and printed by CIE.
  • Keep a running list of interested students and stay in touch to keep them aware of this opportunity.
  • For previously run programs, ask past participants from your program to visit classes with you and attend information sessions.
  • Truth in advertising! When you speak with students or colleagues about your program, remember that they may have no idea about what the program site, the study facilities, the additional activities, and the living arrangements will be like. You need to describe these in positive, but accurate terms.

You will be expected to attend CIE’s study abroad fair to promote your program.

Non-UMW students are welcome to apply to UWM programs, although their primary intent should be to serve our own student body.  In some cases, the addition of non-UWM students may make programs viable, particularly on specialized topics or programs in academic areas with few majors.  Contacting colleagues at other institutions and sending information to listservs can aid in program promotion.