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L&S Faculty-led Study Abroad Guidelines


  • Students may earn one credit per week of instruction, which means fifteen hours of classroom or other organized academic activity. It would be impossible to provide a comprehensive list of activities that may be counted in the fifteen hours, but instructors should provide an explanation for those that will be counted. Courses should require at least fifteen additional hours per week of work that will be directly or indirectly evaluated: assigned readings, assessed writing, student projects, etc.
  • None of the following may be counted in the fifteen + fifteen hours per week: orientation sessions at UWM or on site, travel time, entertainment and recreation during free time, home stays in and of themselves.

Proposal Review and Approval

  1. The instructor consults with the Study Abroad staff about their idea for the program.
  2. The instructor drafts the course proposal and submits it to the Study Abroad director in time for it to be reviewed and approved before the CIE program proposal deadline.
  3. For courses to be offered for the first time, the appropriate Associate Dean reviews and then the L&S AP&CC reviews the proposal. For repeat courses, the appropriate Associate Dean reviews the proposal.
  4. The instructor submits the completed and approved proposal to the Study Abroad director by the CIE proposal deadline.