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Global Studies Summer Institute

The Global Studies Summer Institute (GSSI), sponsored by the Center for International Education's (CIE) Institute of World Affairs, is a three-day program intended to provide K-12 educators with information and resources for teaching students about contemporary international issues and their practical applications for the classroom. The Global Studies Summer Institute features informative lectures by university experts as well as presentations by current teachers highlighting practical approaches to integrating the theme of the Institute into your classroom.

Registration is now available for the 2010 Global Studies Summer Institute!

The Middle East: The Quest for Democracy and Human Rights

July 21-23, 2010

After decades of political stagnation, societies across the Middle East are experiencing growing calls for change. Through gradual reforms and violent protests, citizens throughout the region are seeking to redefine their relationships with their governments. Explore how cross-currents like tradition and modernity, religion and secularism, isolation and engagement are shaping the debate from the café to the palace. You'll come away with a deeper understanding of the desire for freedom and justice that we share with the people of the Middle East.  

For more information, please visit the Institute of World Affairs website.  

Past Institutes included:

  • 2009: Crossroads: Choices for a Sustainable Future
  • 2008: Faces of Globalization: Global to Local Connections in Teaching and Learning
  • 2007: Peace and Conflict: Global to Local Connections in Teaching and Learning
  • 2006: Education and Immigration: Global to Local Connections in Teaching and Learning
  • 2005: Rethinking Global Security in a Wired World
  • 2003: Understanding Youth Culture and Commerce in a Globalized World
  • 2002: Understanding the New World Disorder
  • 2001: Understanding the Face of Globalization
  • 2000: Age of Crisis or Age of Reason? Teaching Human Rights at the Turn of the Century
  • 1999: In the Shadow of the First World: Teaching about International Development Issues
  • 1998: Cultural Differences in an Interdependent World: Exploring Global Conflict
  • 1997: Human Rights in a Global Perspective