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The Center for International Education is pleased to offer here media associated with its programming.

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Ethics Colloquium Series

Ethics After the End of Progress: Utopia and the Solace of Catastrophe

October 23, 2009

Peter Y. Paik, Associate Professor of French, Italian & Comparative Literature

This talk examines the ethical and political dilemmas that emerge once
hopes for perpetual economic growth have been abandoned and scarcity
becomes a dominant factor in the global economy.  What sort of history
is likely to return once the "end of history" associated with liberal
democratic capitalism comes to a close?  What is the future of
consumer society in an age of scarcity, and what kind of politics
might such a development precipitate?  The talk will draw from the
writings of philosopher John Gray, the fiction of J. G. Ballard and
Jose Saramago, and films such as Children of Men and Save the Green

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Constant Capture: Visibility, Civil Liberties, and Global Security - April 21-22, 2006 Conference

  • QuickTime Stream: Patrice Petro, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Conference Introduction" and James Der Derian, Brown University, "Global Media Interventions"
  • QuickTime Stream: John McGrath, Manchester Theatre, "I Love the Smell of Data in the Morning"
  • QuickTime Stream: Jasmine Alinder, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "The Right to Representation: Toyo Miyatake's Camera as a Symbol of Japanese American Resistance to Incarceration"
  • QuickTime Stream: Sandra Braman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Comments" and Agnese Trocchi, CandidaTV, "A NET BEYOND: Visual Media and Communication Technologies in the Next World"
  • QuickTime Stream: A. Aneesh, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Data Double: Representing the Unknown in Global Communication"