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Global Studies Research Fellows


The Center for International Education seeks applications from UWM faculty who will serve as Global Studies Research Fellows for the Academic Year 2014/15.

Global Studies Research Fellows will receive one course reduction per semester in order to advance their research on topics relating to globalization, its cultural, political, social, economic, and environmental dimensions. High quality research proposals on a variety of interdisciplinary globalization themes are eligible for funding; strong preference will be given to applicants focusing on topics related to the Center’s annual conference theme. Building on the strengths of Translation and Interpreting Studies at UWM, the Center for International Education has selected Translation as its theme for the 2014/15 academic year.

Translation is understood here in its most expansive, transdisciplinary sense: translation as exchange, migration, and mobility, including media circulation and cross-cultural communication within the context of globalization. Historically, Translation Studies was largely normative (telling translators how to translate). But as the discipline has grown and expanded, Translation Studies has borrowed from an array of disciplines that support and inform it: Comparative Literature, Computer Science, History, Linguistics, Philology, Philosophy, Media Studies, Semiotics, and Terminology, among others. While traditionally addressing the movement and history of ideas, languages, and cultures, translation is also a recurring concept in Science and Technology Studies where it invokes the relational agency of humans and nonhumans within actor-networks. These multiple approaches all build on translation as a metaphor for non-identity, and a reflexive concept that encompasses processes of contact, transmission, imitation, differentiation, and invention.


Drawing on this breadth of traditions and approaches, this year’s Global Studies Research Fellows Program seeks proposals that address the regulations and contestations of what is translatable, untranslatable, and by/for whom--in sum, the politics of translation in the widest sense of the term. We also invite examinations of the growth of Translation & Interpreting Studies, of new technologies and machines of translation, and of histories and theories of translation in relation to different media, communities and economies, as scaled to the various locales, movements, borders, and contact zones in global systems.


Faculty of all ranks are invited to submit their 3-5 page proposals describing their specific research plans for the funding period (Fall 2014-Spring 2015). Successful applicants are expected to meet monthly, discuss their research findings and collaborate with other fellows at two colloquia per semester, and to present their research at a CIE-sponsored symposium or conference in Spring 2015. Scholars will not be “in residence” within the Center but, instead, will be offered opportunities for collaboration, research support, and publication. Each Fellow will receive a budget of $1000 for research expenses; the Fellow’s school/college or department will receive $7000 to defray expenses resulting from the Fellow’s associated course load reduction.

 Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of faculty from a variety of departments, schools and colleges. Applications will be reviewed in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Quality of project design
  2. Applicant’s qualifications
  3. Feasibility/likelihood of achieving anticipated results
  4. Extent to which the project will enhance/expand interdisciplinary international teaching and/or research at UWM
  5. Alignment of research with CIE spring conference theme (preferred but not required)

 Application: Please submit electronically:

  1.    the application form, which will include a 3-5 page research plan describing the proposed activities; and

2.    your Curriculum Vita.

(Please note: the application form requires signatures of your department chair and dean and will subsequently need to be scanned as a PDF file in order for you to submit this electronically.)

Deadline:  Applications must be submitted by email to Tracy Buss ( no later than 12:00 pm on Wednesday, January 15.

Awards will be announced in early Spring 2014 pending availability of funds. Funds for the Global Studies Research Fellows program may be subject to campus budget reductions. CIE will inform applicants/awardees of any changes in program funding as soon as they are known.

Questions: Please contact Tracy Buss (