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Sarah Davies Cordova

Sarah Davies Cordova is an Associate Professor of French at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her interdisciplinary research in dance, writing the body, and French and Francophone literatures moves across the Atlantic to and from Haiti and the Antilles, Africa and France and includes her monograph Paris Dances: Textual Choreographies in the Nineteenth-century French Novel, and contributions to The Cambridge Companion to Ballet and New writings about dance and culture: dancing bodies, living histories.  She led the Marquette University South Africa Service Learning Program in Cape Town, South Africa (2005-2008) which was housed at the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre and the University of the Western Cape. She has focused on representations of issues surrounding reconciliation and re-membering in post-apartheid, post-genocide, and post-dictatorship societies of South Africa, Rwanda and Haiti as an extension of her work in (post) colonial societies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The re-editions that she co-edited with A. Sol of Balzac's Le Mulâtre (L'Harmattan, 2009) and Le Nègre (L'Harmattan, 2011) dialogue with her work on contemporary novels in articles such as "de la littérature haïtienne: travers de mémoire ou allégorie contemporaine" in Ecrire en pays assiégé Haiti Writing under Siege (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2004); "Raisonner ou résonner ? Expressions de l'Histoire et je(ux) de la mémoire dans les récits féminins haïtiens contemporains" in Interculturel Francophonies (nov-déc 2007).

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